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July 15, 2017

Christina Kim

Bedminster, New Jersey

Q. Did you go, What is that thing in the sky today?
CHRISTINA KIM: The clouds were -- when we finished yesterday, it looked like we were in the some of the smoggiest countries in the world that I have visited in the past just because the air was heavy and everything was sitting down low.

I had a 9-iron into 17 today and I had 5-iron yesterday. It was nice being able to be somewhere it was half the humidity we had yesterday evening when we finished.

Q. Was the course play easier today?
CHRISTINA KIM: I wouldn't say it played easier. I just know that my pupils weren't as dilated just trying to absorb as much light as possible like they were yesterday. I wouldn't necessarily say it was easier, but it was just a great day.

I had a playing partner in Pernilla Lindberg. We got into a really good pace. We were cruising around, not rushing, not taking our time. Managed to finish under the time par, which was good, by several minutes. It's just a good vibe.

It's vary terrifying the first two rounds in the major, let alone your national championship. There was definitely a little bit of pressure that was alleviated coming into this third round. I had to play my six holes in 3-under just to make the cut, including a birdie on the last yesterday.

It was a short turnaround period. I'm just really happy right now. I was trying to shower, trying to eat and trying to sleep and trying to find my tee time at the same time yesterday evening.

Q. When you walk up, we don't hear much. Are those metal spikes?
CHRISTINA KIM: They are metal. I lost a couple of troopers today. I'm missing three or four spikes. I'm the last woman standing on the LPGA Tour to wear metal spikes. I'm old enough where metal spikes were still a thing. A lot of these kids weren't even born when metal spikes were taken away from competition.

For me it provides a sense of comfort. I get great traction with it. You can read the greens with your feet and you can gauge moisture levels of the golf course with the spikes.

Q. Best of your knowledge, yo are the only one?
CHRISTINA KIM: I am the only one. A couple of people have inquired and I'm like, if you can find them, you can go ahead and order them. They don't readily sell them anymore.

Q. Do you have a hard time keeping them?
CHRISTINA KIM: With the way that golf shoes have evolved, we've gone from the small thread and large thread to this Tri-Lok to the Slim Lok and all kinds of stuff that I don't feel like they are as snug a fit anymore as they used to be. I always have a few spare in the bag.

Today I felt it when I lost one. I made a birdie and I was like I'm not replacing it. I lost another. I'm like, it's fine, just try to get through the round.

Q. How do you rate the course as a U.S. Open track?
CHRISTINA KIM: That's an interesting question. I don't much care to compare golf courses. The golf course we played today was vastly different from the golf course that we played yesterday evening. It was a turnover of 12 hours or so. I think that every golf course has some incredible holes and then the next day you will turn around -- like 13, first round I made a triple, then yesterday I made a birdie, and today I had one of sickest up-and-downs I can recall in recent memory. So every day every golf course is constantly evolving and changing.

Q. But it's a strong test nonetheless?
CHRISTINA KIM: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Q. Did you feel it start firming up from the start of the round until the finish?
CHRISTINA KIM: Firm is a very -- it's a very broad -- it's a difficult word to define because yesterday, you know, you were knee deep in water. I was taking casual water from one shot yesterday afternoon when I was playing because we were playing in -- there was a good amount of rain that fell yesterday. It definitely did -- it's a sand based golf course, so the water was able to completely drain away. There was a significant amount of rain, I thought, over the last 36 hours but there hadn't been any delays for unplayable conditions. It was strictly due to the weather.

It's a great testament to the golf course and the staff and the maintenance crew to be able to have a golf course that can drain so well.

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