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July 14, 2017

Derek Lowe

Stateline, Nevada

DEREK LOWE: I'm just excited. Going to be nervous as heck tomorrow, but it should be fun.

Q. What's the game plan tonight? You're not going to sleep tonight?
DEREK LOWE: I'm going to go see Lenny Kravitz. I think the beauty of this tournament as a whole, good, bad or indifferent, you have to enjoy the atmosphere. You have to enjoy the evenings. Going to have a great dinner, they do a great job, and go watch Lenny Kravitz and try again tomorrow.

Q. Matter of consistency today, putting it all together?
DEREK LOWE: For me driving was good. I hit a lot of drivers. I was lucky enough to miss only one fairway and it makes the game a lot easier.

Q. Best round here?
DEREK LOWE: Last year I had 19, and I've trended down every single year. I've gone from eh, eh, eh, and this year I'm trying to maintain -- the guys on the leaderboards and Mulders and those guys who have won it, they know what it's like. I'm obviously the newbie in the group.

Q. Did you work on your game during the offseason?
DEREK LOWE: I did. I live in Florida. You get to play definitely a lot. But I think the biggest thing is a different mindset, just try to be aggressive. Don't try to just make pars and when you have a good opportunity to try to make a putt, don't lag it up there. If you hit it three feet past, do that. So it's one day, but I'm excited, though.

Q. How many birdies?
DEREK LOWE: Five and three bogeys and obviously stayed off the double bogey train, which is really important out here.

Q. You have been in high pressure situations before, obviously. How does this compare to that?
DEREK LOWE: It won't even be comparable. Again, I was nervous this morning. And then if you are close to the last group tomorrow, you're going to be extremely nervous. And today was a very low-key, went off the tenth hole, nobody was out there. It was like three people out there having a casual round of golf. Tomorrow will be different.

Q. Playing with a couple of buddies out there?
DEREK LOWE: Saberhagen I've known for many years, played with him. And Blair O'Neal, obviously I've watched on the Golf Channel, she played great. And Saberhagen had 17 and she had 18. And it was a fun group.

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