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July 14, 2017

Alfonso Ribeiro

Stateline, Nevada

Q. 21 points today?
ALFONSO RIBEIRO: Yeah, 21. 21 points was probably my second best day ever here at American Century. So I struggled in the end, but it was a good round altogether.

Q. Take us through it, birdies, bogeys.
ALFONSO RIBEIRO: A few bogeys. I had one really great save on 14 that saved my round, because it just kept me from ultimately getting a double bogey. So it was a good bogey putt so that saved me.

Q. As far as best round you've had here, so you're right in the hunt. 25's in the lead. 23s, couple guys bunched up. Your game's continually gotten better over the years. What do you think going into the weekend?
ALFONSO RIBEIRO: I think for me it's about continuing to have fun and play loose and not allow the moment to get to me. I think if I just go shot to shot and stay in it, either something good will happen or it won't. And you go to the next shot, you find it, and you hit it again and hope for the same.

Q. And how about your playing partners today, J.R., J.T.?
ALFONSO RIBEIRO: They had a tough day today. And I feel bad. J.T., he lives for this tournament also, just like I do. And he just didn't have it today. He'd been playing great all week.

And so I felt bad, because he really, really worked hard to get ready for this tournament. But he's been in the studio recording an album and finishing an album, for the last month he's literally been there every day. So rusty coming in. He'll go to the range now, fix it, and get it right for tomorrow.

Q. How about the crowds today, the interaction between the three of you, you're three of the most popular players out here?
ALFONSO RIBEIRO: I'll tell you the crowds were pretty amazing today. The fact that this was a Friday crowd was unreal. Probably the most I've ever seen on a Friday.

So we had fun. We always have fun together. We're three great, fun guys in J.R. and J.T., it's just always a lot of fun when we get together.

Q. And how was it on 17, any crazier than normal?
ALFONSO RIBEIRO: It was a little -- we were a little less crazy, but it was Friday packed. I mean, I had never seen it like that. But it was a good -- it's a good time. The fans are amazing. And so we treasure this every year.

Q. Going into the weekend, you're thinking what are my chances?
ALFONSO RIBEIRO: I don't worry about my chances. You know, I don't ever see myself winning this tournament, but I had a great day. I put together a lot of holes, a lot of good putts, a lot of great saves. It will either work or won't work. I'm not thinking about a win at this point.

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