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July 14, 2017

Alexander Knappe

Ayrshire, Scotland

Q. Sum up your emotions after a sensational second day here in Scotland.
ALEXANDER KNAPPE: Just fight it all day and try to go as low as possible. My emotions are really calm today. I was really couple and that was really good.

Q. Did you feel calm heading out?
ALEXANDER KNAPPE: Absolutely, all day, and was just a great day.

Q. You had 24 putts today. Describe your comfort level on the greens and your scrambling performance in round two?
ALEXANDER KNAPPE: I didn't even know it was so less. I didn't know, I didn't really go through my round yet, but I just played shot by shot and I don't know how many putts. I'm putting good and I read the lines quite good and the speed is good, so obviously a little bit of luck, they dropped.

Q. Two straight weeks playing links golf. How important is that in getting the feel and the momentum going?
ALEXANDER KNAPPE: Absolutely. You have to get used to these conditions. This week it's a little bit drier. It's a really links course and obviously it's more fun when it's dry because the courses are set up to be dry in links golf.

Q. Tell me your thoughts on a brilliant season for you on The Challenge Tour. How would you assess your European Tour season to this point and how much are you hoping that will kick-start from here?
ALEXANDER KNAPPE: Yeah, actually started okay at the beginning of the season and then I struggled the last two months. I kept working and the only thing you can do is keep your head up and try and try. It was nice that today, a few putts rolled in and I played a good round, so looking forward to keep it up.

Q. And the final thought process for you heading into the weekend?
ALEXANDER KNAPPE: I don't know yet. I will decide that later off different and have a game plan for tomorrow.

Q. Great start, 6-under in five holes on your front nine.
ALEXANDER KNAPPE: Yeah, I made a birdie, a good putt on my third hole, and then I holed a pitch shot and then the momentum was just up and I kept going.

Q. Obviously eight missed cuts in a row. Have you always felt there was a low score out there for you somewhere?
ALEXANDER KNAPPE: Yeah, you always try to feel a low score somewhere. You never should give up. You always should fight to work hard and eventually everything falls together.

Q. A 65 today, what's been the main difference overall in today's round?
ALEXANDER KNAPPE: I can't really describe. I think my putting was really good but also just the momentum kept up. In the past few weeks, always hit a bad shot and I end up, for example, in a really terrible lie and I couldn't do anything with it, and today, just some momentum was there and even when I was hitting bad shots, I had still a shot to the green.

Q. A good finish here this week could be a massive boost towards next year.
ALEXANDER KNAPPE: Absolutely. So I'm trying to just work hard and keep the good work up and hopefully I'll have a good finish here.

Q. Your thoughts ahead of what's going to be a good weekend for you?
ALEXANDER KNAPPE: Don't know yet to be honest. I'll just play shot by shot and see where I end up.

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