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July 14, 2017

Charles Howell, III

Silvis, Illinois

Q. Seemed to have a tough time getting going, and finally get something to happen toward the end of the round.
CHARLES HOWELL,III: Yeah, you know, we had a little bit of a breeze out there today. First off, we've never seen a day like this in Moline in July. If we could have this weather every year.

But, no, none of us really got a whole lot going. A little bit there at the end of the day. You know, still hanging in there. I thought you'd see some low scores, and fortunately guys didn't run away too much further.

Q. It made your opening day even more important, just to get off to such a great start and to build on it today, which is what you can ask for.
CHARLES HOWELL,III: Yeah, it made yesterday's round better obviously today. You know, hanging in there, we're going to get good week in. Weather is going to be really good tomorrow. Scores will be low with no wind.

Hey, listen, I love the event. I love being here. The crowds were great. Obviously the majority are for Zach, but that's fine, they're out there. It was fun playing with him.

Q. How did your health hold up with the injury?
CHARLES HOWELL,III: No, all good. All good. Give me some time though. We'll find something. All good so far, yes, sir.

Q. Took you a few holes to feel out the wind and the way the ball was cutting through the air?
CHARLES HOWELL,III: Yeah, it's odd playing here in a north wind. We don't see this very often here. Usually it's quite warm out of the south. Some of the holes played a little bit different. Listen, the golf courses is great, it's not that. It was us.

But there are still some low ones out there, and you'll see it again tomorrow.

Q. It was a consistent front nine, to say the least, and you were able to hang on in the back nine. What's the difference from yesterday to today?
CHARLES HOWELL,III: We had a little bit of a breeze out there today. I can't believe the temperatures. Usually it's 100 degrees here in Moline in July. It was a great day. We just really didn't get much going until the very end there.

Yeah, Daniel played well in our group, but Zach and I kind of hung around there. Nice finish for the weekend though.

Q. Yesterday you were talking about being able to feed off the energy with all the people that come out to see Zach and you certainly were able to take advantage of that. What was that like out there today? Were you feeling any of that?
CHARLES HOWELL,III: Oh, yeah. No, you can tell Zach is the local hometown hero, as well he should be.

But, yeah, if I can just kind of hang near him for two more days, I think I'll be all right.

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