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July 14, 2017

Chesson Hadley

Silvis, Illinois

Q. Chesson, superb round of golf. Before we get into today, momentum is a real thing. What did you find last week that you've been able to carry forward to this week?
CHESSON HADLEY: I've been heading in the right direction for a while, and I think it kind of starts with your attitude, how you think about and handle things.

So I kind of finally got that right, and then everything came together last week obviously with the win on the Web.

Honestly I don't really want to tell anybody if that's okay. I found out what it was I'm doing, and I got on TrackMan and just checked the number and did a little bit of an experiment with ten balls, and liked the way it felt and certainly liked the way it was moving.

Just been trying to do that. I wouldn't say I made everything I looked at today. That's the reason why I shot 7-under. I did hit some great shots, but would like to keep doing what I'm doing. Just not forget.

Q. That was my next question. You were 12 of 14 fairways, 17 of 18 greens, and when you missed you got one and one for up and downs. When it's that solid and complete, just lay low, get some rest, ans same recipe tomorrow?
CHESSON HADLEY: Sure, absolutely. I'll probably hit a few balls this afternoon. I mean, we're talking maybe 30 minutes worth of work. Hit some chips and a few putts, few drivers, and then we're going to go home and enjoy the family. My family is here with me.

Q. Yeah, we heard those, "Daddy" cheers yesterday coming down 18. Chesson, great round of golf. Congratulations on last week, congratulations on your great play so far, and good luck this weekend.
CHESSON HADLEY: Thanks guys. Looking forward to it.

Q. On your birthday week, locked you up your Tour card with a win on the Web.com Tour. You called that your most special win. This last week, what has that done for you professionally and personally?
CHESSON HADLEY: You know, it takes a little bit of the pressure off certainly knowing where I'm going to play next year. You know, there's still some work to be done. Obviously I'm here at the John Deere this week and I've put myself in a great position. Made some putts today, and I'm excited.

You feel like you're playing on house money a little bit, but like I said, at the same time, there is still some work to be done. There is a spot for the British this week. I did bring my passport. We got a long way to go before we start thinking about that.

But it's great. I didn't play my best for quite a while, and to be playing some good golf now feels really good. Just, like I said after the round last Sunday after I won, I just hope I can remember what it felt like to be where I was and where I am now and how I feel and not take it for granted. Just remember what I'm doing honestly and keep doing it.

Q. Putting was a big story for you today. You hit almost every green in regulation. How did you put together a bogey-free round?
CHESSON HADLEY: You know, I got off to great start. My wife, she's amazing. She sent me the pin locations last night. I mean, everybody can find them. They're online. They're on Twitter. You can find them.

I was just kind of looking through them, and I loved where every flag was. Just kind of set up my round a little bit. I got off to a great start. Hit a really good wedge shot right off the bat and made, I don't know, maybe a six- or seven-footer.

Like you said, I hit some fairways and a bunch of greens roans today. The one I did miss I got up and down, which is great. I made everything I looked at. That's not going to happen every day, but hopefully I can keep doing it.

It's not going to be because I'm not trying. Let's just go tee it -- I know I'm going to make the cut which is always a positive, so let's go see what we can do tomorrow.

Q. Clearly a familiar strategy. We heard the cheers and your wife is helping with pin locations. So did they bring their passports, too?
CHESSON HADLEY: I don't think so. I would love for them to come over there with me, but if I make the British I may be doing that one solo.

Q. You played well last week. Obviously carrying over to this week as well.
CHESSON HADLEY: Yes, it is. I did a lot of good things today. First and foremost, I feel like I made just about everything I looked at. The greens are absolutely perfect. I mean, what is it, July 11th, 12th? I don't know. And it's 75. I'm from Raleigh, North Carolina, so I know what it's like, it can be.

So the weather was phenomenal. It was just an amazing day. A lot of positives. Just got to keep doing it.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
CHESSON HADLEY: You know, winning was excellent, and then Monday was a travel day with the family. Traveling eight, ten hours with two kids, that's a reality check immediately. Brought me back down and realized, Hey, I'm still a dad, I'm still a husband.

But yes, golf-wise we're in a really good spot. I'm excited to be here. Obviously very excited to have played the way I did. Still tons of work to be done. I am going to go hit a few balls and just get ready for the weekend.

Q. When you're playing so well, what do you do to sustain that? Is there any secret?
CHESSON HADLEY: Don't think about it. I call it blackout. Just black out and keep going.

Q. After yesterday, 2-under, and then today, seven birdies, no bogeys, did you feel like this was something you could take advantage of with the morning conditions?
CHESSON HADLEY: Sure. The greens are a little bit faster today. The course is mint. It's in phenomenal shape. Any time you go off early, you know, typically the wind is a little bit more docile in the morning so you can get after it a little bit more.

Yeah, I certainly felt like I could play well, and, you know, I did, which was great. I was able to take advantage of it. A lot of the times you think about it and you don't necessarily do it. So it was nice to do it, actually do it today.

So, yeah, I'm excited about where I am and just going to keep doing it.

Q. How does it feel to be back? Seeing some familiar faces you haven't seen in a while.
CHESSON HADLEY: Yeah, exactly. That's another thing Amanda and I -- that's my wife -- we talked about. Everybody has been so nice. Last Tour event I played was Puerto Rico. I think that that was in March. It's been a while since I've been out here.

After being out here for three years and out losing my card and seeing everybody and their families and stuff, everybody has been so nice and very congratulatory of how I've played.

Makes you feel really good; makes you feel special. It's good to see everybody.

Q. (Regarding the weekend.)
CHESSON HADLEY: Just keep doing what I'm doing. I made a bunch of putts today. The greens are perfect. No reason to think they're not going to be tomorrow. If I can hit it, keep hitting it how I'm hitting and putting it how I'm putting it, we'll just go see what happens.

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