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July 14, 2017

Kevin Kisner

Silvis, Illinois

Q. Sensational work. Two days bogey-free. Everyone makes a lot of the birdiefest out here. That's some super work on your behalf.
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, the ball striking has been pretty phenomenal. Keeping the ball in the fairway and on the greens and not really sweating too much out there. It's been an enjoyable two rounds for sure.

Q. You're not really sweating. You say you were driving it good. You didn't miss the center of the fairway today let alone the fairway.
KEVIN KISNER: I was trying to make your job easier so you didn't have to chase after my ball.

I am really not that happy with the way I'm putting it, so I'm going to go work on that a little bit and hopefully get it rolling on the weekend.

Q. I thought there was a real change in fortune. Hate to bring up bad luck, but you drew some horrible lies and mud balls and such, but you have kind of navigated your way around those.
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, just hung in there. Tried to make 4 when I was unfortunate. Got lucky there on 18 that it hung up. I didn't know how I was going to keep that one out of the water with all that mud on it.

It got it rolling there on the front nine and had a bunch of opportunities, so it was a fun day.

Q. Just want your thoughts on the golf course. The wind obviously kicked up. Big change? What can the afternoon guys expect?
KEVIN KISNER: Well I hope it keeps blowing like crazy. I feel like we played in the wind both days. Didn't really kick up yesterday until about the time we tee'd off.

The golf course needs to firm up a little bit in the fairways so we don't get as many mud balls, and I think it will if the wind stays up.

Q. 6-under round today. How did you make such a charge today?
KEVIN KISNER: I knew I needed to get going. I played well yesterday. Just didn't make enough birdies. Got rolling there on the front nine and just kept the ball in play and hit a lot of greens and gave myself a lot chance.

Q. Yeah, driving accuracy you got to be really happy with today. How does that plot out for this course?
KEVIN KISNER: Well, it's key for me because it's big fairways, and I can't be in that big rough trying hit longer irons into it than most these guys.

I just try to keep it in the middle of the fairway then give myself looks at it all day.

Q. On a scoring course like this, what's going to be the biggest key for the weekend?
KEVIN KISNER: I think it always comes down to the guys that make putts. I hadn't putted my best yet, so I am going to have to keep working on that. I know I am going to have to make some 15-, 20-footers on the weekend.

Q. Well-played out there today. 6-under par, 2-under yesterday. What was the difference?
KEVIN KISNER: You know, just capitalized more on the holes that you got to make birdie. I played well yesterday; just didn't make anything.

Today I made a few more, and that kind of beaned the score there.

Q. Been a good year for you. Bunch of top 10s; eighth on the FedExCup points list. As you go forward, as this year winds down, what's sort of on your list that you need to do?
KEVIN KISNER: Well definitely we want to be at East Lake and have a chance to win the FedExCup. That's the number one goal on the list starting the year.

Obviously want to play on the Presidents Cup, and trying to impress my captain out there this week.

Q. Great round. Talk about moving up the leaderboard.
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, played nice. Hit the ball great. A lot fairways, a lot of greens, and gave myself a ton of changes.

Didn't make all the putts I wanted to make, but probably be four or five back going into the weekend.

Q. What's the outlook for the weekend? You know you got to stack rounds here and it's a big number towards the end. So just keep playing good golf?
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, absolutely. It's difficult out there with the wind to get it all judged right and get it in the fairway.

If the wind keeps up over the weekend, I think the scores won't be as low as normal.

Q. It's usually a little lower than this right now. People have talked about how good the course is. The weather is great, but the wind was tricky today.
KEVIN KISNER: Oh, yeah. I've hit more club into holes than I ever have in years past. Into the wind holes are playing longer than I ever remember.

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