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July 14, 2017

Chad Campbell

Silvis, Illinois

CHAD CAMPBELL: Played pretty solid today. Thought it was a little bit tougher today. It was pretty windy out there this morning.

Definitely happy with the way I played.

Q. Looked scrambling 5 for 5, including 3 for 3 sand saves. Around the greens pretty steady, too.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, yeah, some pretty good up and downs there. Got up and down on 2. Hit a bad shot in the right bunker and was able to get up and down. So that was nice to kind of keep it going, make a birdie there.

Unfortunately couldn't get any coming in, but couple of those closing holes are pretty tough.

Q. I thought you had some good looks there and a couple that burnt the edge, so you were close.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, I had a few chances there on 6, and -- let's see, 4, 5, and 6. But happy the way I'm playing; look forward to the weekend.

Q. Talk about the weekend. You've played this course a lot and played it very well. You know what it's going to take. Confident heading into Saturday and Sunday?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, yeah, I feel good. This course always tends to lend itself to a lot of birdies, so you kind of got to keep going and keep trying to make birdies and be aggressive.

Q. Paul Stankowski is in the booth with us this week. He's a Cowboys fan; he said you are too. He said you guys have learned how to be patient over the years. Has that helped your golf game, being a cowboy's fan?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, maybe so. We have had to be patient, that's for sure. A little progress last year for the Cowboys, so hopefully keep going this year, do a little bit better this year.

Q. The wind did pick up a little bit today. How did you build off the opening round 65?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, you know, just kind of kept going. Was able to birdie the my first hole, the 10th hole today. Kind of felt like I kept it going. Three-putted the second, so was able to come back with a birdie on the next.

A little bit windier today. Thought it played a little bit tougher. It dried out a little bit though and should be good for the weekend.

Q. You put together a heck of a last month, including a Top 10 finish last week. What has been the key to your consistency?
CHAD CAMPBELL: A little bit of everything. Just a little more confidence and everything. Putting quite a bit better, so feel a little bit better with that.

Just a little bit of everything. That's the way golf is: get one thing going, kind of just builds your confidence in every area of your game.

Q. This event you have never missed cut at the John Deere Classic. That's pretty impressive. Such a good scoring course. How comfortable are you here?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, I feel good. Just the looks off the tee, all the holes fit my eye. It's pretty comforting. That's why I always come back.

Q. Good to start this tournament right.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, feel good. Today I thought played a little bit tougher than yesterday. Wind picked up quite a bit more. The course is in great shape. You get on the greens and the greens are perfect. Feel like you can make a lot putts.

Q. People are raving about the greens. (Indiscernible.)
CHAD CAMPBELL: They are, yeah. They're probably the best I've ever seen them. The course is in just fantastic shape. It always is, but this year seems just a little bit better.

Q. Your thoughts going into the weekend? You got to stockpile, you got to back to back to back to back...
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, exactly. Kind of got to keep going, so got to stay aggressive, give myself opportunities, and be able to capitalize when you do.

Q. Particular shot or hole get you going today?
CHAD CAMPBELL: You know, not really. Birdied the 1st hole and came back with a bad three-putt on the 2nd and made a good one on the next hole.

I guess that one probably kind of kept me going. Had a good up and down there on the 2nd hole for I guess it was the last birdie of my day. Wasn't able to get any coming in.

But happy the way I played.

Q. Feel like if the wind keeps up that suits you? Texas background; pretty good wind player.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Right. Yeah, I mean, it's not blowing too hard, but definitely a little bit harder than yesterday. Hopefully dry the course out just a touch. It's dried out quite a bit from Wednesday when we played.

It's in such great shape. Looking forward to see how it plays this weekend?

Q. How does your previous career help you in situations like this? Three-time Ryder Cup and you've won on the Tour. When you get in contention again, does it help to lean on experiences like that?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, absolutely. It's obviously been a while since I've won and been a while since those Ryder Cups, but definitely everything you do, you know, over the years you kind use that to your advantage, and hopefully I can this weekend.

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