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July 14, 2017

Nicholas Lindheim

Silvis, Illinois

Q. (In progress.)
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: I think my calmness. Just having fun and just trying to just play golf and not think about the outcome. I've been doing a lot of that this year, so it's nice to just be relaxed and play.

Q. You're in your rookie season. Obviously it's a learning curve. What are things that you struggled with and what are the things that you found you're comfortable with out here?
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: Yeah, I think I learning the golf courses is a very big thing. We have very limited time with practice rounds out here. Playing three years on the Web Tour, seeing those courses over and over again, you get comfortability.

To say the least, I think that the hardest part for me has been learning the courses, and the easiest part has been the condition of the golf courses.

Q. Obviously we're coming down to the end of the season. You're in great position this weekend, and you know playing this game for a long time things can change in a week. What's your objectives over the weekend?
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: Just to keep doing what I been doing. I think I won last year in Utah same week this week, so maybe something in the air there.

Just enjoy it. I mean, it's a long season. It's grueling. I've had a lot of the lows, couple highs, so just going to just have fun with it.

Q. Good start for you. After your first round, you came firing back; three of your last fours holes birdies. With the wind and the conditions, how good was that for you?
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: It was really good. You know, I didn't really realize where I was on the leaderboard until the last hole here. Just playing golf and not thinking about outcomes, just hitting the shots, really worked out for me today.

Q. Couple withdraws and a missed cut. How good is it to be up there in the leaderboard and have a shot at heading into the weekend?
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: Anybody that plays golf knows that it's very difficult playing at highest caliber of golf in the world on the toughest courses week in and week out. It can drain you pretty fast. I think a lot of people don't really understand how grueling it really is out here.

With what you said, I also think that anybody can have a good week out here. All the players out here are world-class players. I've got to realize I'm one of them and just let it happen.

Q. Anything on the conditions? The wind was starting to pick up as the afternoon kept going. Did that help you making the birdie putts?
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: I don't know if it helped me, but it kind of made me just play more conservative/aggressive. The greens are soft, so you got that going for up.

But I play in Florida, and we play in a lot wind, so the wind doesn't really affect me like -- once again, these are the best players in the world. The wind doesn't affect most the guys out here either.

But I think just were sticking to my plan, and I hit good shots. That was really what it came down to.

Q. Got to have a lot of confidence heading into the weekend. Who knows what can happen after the afternoon rounds, but you got a shot.
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: Yeah, I mean, if you shoot 8-under after two days on this Tour on any golf course we play you're playing well. I got to take that and run with it.

Q. You have had just the most crazy year. Just got an agent over the last year or so.
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: No, I don't have agent. I had one for a little while.

Q. What have you learned your first year out here?
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: I learned that golf is really hard.

Q. We've all learned that.
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: Yeah, I mean, I just got a wife and daughter at home, so that makes it a lot easier in the back of your mind knowing that they're always going to be there for you.

I've had a lot a lot of rough patches this year and not been playing my best, so to see some results keeps me in it.

Q. Is this week you would consider playing your best, or are you just finding a way to get through?
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: I think I've been putting well and I've been driving it better. You got a little bit of room out here to drive it, and I think that's kind of been the thing that's set me back this year, is getting off the tee.

If you can get off the tee on this Tour, conditions of the golf courses are so good, the greens are so good, you can really attack.

If you're playing out of the rough, the rough is six inches long. I mean, you can't really play out of a six-inch rough.

Q. You talked about rough patches. You have one of the most unique backgrounds of anybody here this week at least.
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: I think so. I've just always been competitive. Whatever it is I'm doing, I don't stop doing it. And golf was one of the things that once I hit a ball solid, it was the greatest feeling ever.

I mean, I still have ties to my skateboarding and I go down to the beach with my daughter all the time. I still have that stuff, but I love golf. I don't know. Just fell into my hands.

Q. With golf being as hard as it is, and especially to get a PGA TOUR card, what would you say was one of the biggest learning curves for you just playing professionally?
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: Just the time away from home and the travel. I played the Web Tour for the last three years, so I got accustomed to it pretty quick. But just being away from them.

This tour I think enables you to travel with your family a little bit more with the daycare that they provide. My schedule has been like on a week, off a week, on a week. I haven't really played consecutive weeks, so with that being said, I've spent a lot of time at home. It's been nice to have my family with me at home, and then they've came out for the last -- they were at Greenbrier.

So they travel with me a little bit here and there.

Q. Are they here this week?
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: No, they're coming in next week.

Q. I saw couple of WDs lately. Injury?
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: You know, I have to say that my knee has been kind of bugging me. I had it looked at and I could be saying this wrong, it is ligaments or tendons?

Q. I got to call in backups.
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: Whatever one isn't as bad. I know that.

Q. They both don't sound good.
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: There is some tissue in there, and like my knee will give out at times. It's just been kind of aching me a little bit here and there.

Q. So that is what that led to it?
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: Yeah, and just my whole mental state hasn't been very good.

Q. What did you do to get that back on track?
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: Just, you know, I have no idea. I think this game a so momentum-based. You make a couple putts here or there and it can just lead to a lot of really good things. I really don't know what to owe it to other than working my tail off and not getting too much out of it.

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