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July 14, 2017

Shanshan Feng

Bedminster, New Jersey

THE MODERATOR: Good evening from the 2017 U.S. Women's Open championship. Very happy to welcome Shanshan Feng who followed up her 1st Round 6-under 66 with a 2-under, 70 today. She is currently 8-under for the Championship and the clubhouse leader.

Shanshan, can you talk about the conditions today, obviously the course playing with all the moisture and rain today.

SHANSHAN FENG: I have maybe 9 holes in the rain. My first 9 it played really long. So I had to hit maybe like a lot of the 5 irons and hybrids into the green and also the 18th hole I had to hit 3-wood into the green.

But, luckily my ball-striking was pretty good so I hit them -- I hit most of the balls on the greens and I think maybe a couple times that I was off the green I got up and down. So, I mean I think, overall, I did really well today.

THE MODERATOR: Did you feel like you were playing defensively just trying not to let the weather get to you or were you, for the most part, playing your game?

SHANSHAN FENG: Didn't really pay attention to the weather. I knew it was going to rain and I was prepared. I had my rain suit and rain glove and umbrella, everything there, and so I try not to think about the weather, just focus on every shot and that's was what I did and I did well.

THE MODERATOR: Did very well.


THE MODERATOR: Open it to questions.

Q. Knowing that the bad weather was supposed to come in later in the day, did you feel a little bit more confident going out and getting started when it wasn't raining quite as hard?
SHANSHAN FENG: You mean the bad weather supposed to come later?

Q. What we got this afternoon, you didn't have to play through that.
SHANSHAN FENG: I mean that was what the weather said.

THE MODERATOR: Yes. Yes. So you had a few holes where it wasn't raining too, too hard then it really started to rain.

SHANSHAN FENG: Yeah. But my phone told me it was going to rain the whole afternoon. I was prepared. I didn't really -- I wasn't really surprised about it and I mean again, we were -- it was fair for everybody because yesterday the players played in the afternoon, it rained, and this afternoon it rained again so I think it's fair -- just fair for everybody.

Q. Shanshan, when you were on the 15th green I think after you putted out, it looked like you took some time to, like everyone else, to see if you could find Donald Trump.
Were you looking for him, did you find him?

SHANSHAN FENG: Well, I don't know. I heard people like kind of screaming so that's what I was trying to find out, like why they were screaming. But I was still really focusing on my game. I didn't really get distracted.

THE MODERATOR: Any plans, anything that you'd like to change heading into this weekend or do you have a game plan and you'll stick with it throughout the next two days?

SHANSHAN FENG: I mean I just did really well for the first two rounds and I think that I should just keep doing the same thing for the weekend. So I'm not going to make any changes and, yeah, just be myself.

THE MODERATOR: Perfect. I think we have one more.

Q. Shanshan, obviously you played yesterday and it wasn't wet, it hadn't rained yet after like yesterday's rain and today's rain.
How did you find the difference in the course and obviously you adapted to it pretty well?

SHANSHAN FENG: On my front-9 the rain really heavy so I had to almost like add ten yards on my second shots. That's why like yesterday I was hitting maybe 7-irons, 9 irons but today I was hitting 5 irons, 4 hybrids, 3 hybrids and 3-wood on the 18th hole. It did really play differently, yeah.

THE MODERATOR: One more question.

Q. Shanshan, how much do you know about Hye-Jin Choi? I mean she's 17 years old and if you look at the leaderboard she's right behind you.
SHANSHAN FENG: Actually -- well, I think there's quite a gap between us. Like she's only 17, I'm 27. I don't really get any chances to meet her or play with her but maybe looks like that maybe I'll have a chance to play with her tomorrow so I'll get to know her a lot more tomorrow and -- but I'm pretty sure she's a very good player to be able to shoot 8-under in this weather at the U.S. Open. So, I'm really looking forward for tomorrow.

THE MODERATOR: And we're looking forward to watching. Great job again today. Look forward to watching you this weekend.


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