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July 14, 2017

Kevin Tway

Silvis, Illinois

Q. ...or did you even know you were that much in the zone?
KEVIN TWAY: Yeah, I knew what was going on. I kind of hoped it would never stop, but it did. I missed a short putt on 6.

Yeah, it was nice to make a bunch of birdies in a row. Makes you feel pretty good.

Q. Obviously seven in a row is impressive. To me what's more impressive is after the near-miss you bounced back with back-to-back birdies. How important is that?
KEVIN TWAY: Yeah, I didn't try and do anything different. Just try to hit each shot the best you can.

Yeah, hit a few close and made a few long putts. It was a good day.

Q. Only the your lone mistake today on your second to last hole, on 8. I noticed some conversation going on there. Did you consider taking a shot at the green or was it a layup all way?
KEVIN TWAY: Yeah, I wanted to try to hit some crazy shot on the green but my caddie told me it was a dumb idea, which it was.

Sometimes you're feeling good and you think you can do something that you probably can't. Yeah, only bogey. Just a bad lie pretty much.

Q. Eleven birdies. You were on fire today. Seven birdies in a row; your father also can say that. As you were in the zone there, what exactly stuck out in your mind?
KEVIN TWAY: I was kind of hoping it would never stop, but it did. I missed a short putt on 6. Yeah, just a lot of the long putts made and a lot of good shots being close. Some were easy and some were good putts.

Q. 63 is the best round you've played on the PGA TOUR. What kind of momentum will that give you going into the weekend? By the way, this is a tournament a lot of people have won their first PGA TOUR on.
KEVIN TWAY: Yeah, it was good to get a nice round today. I'm in good position going into the weekend. You got to make a lot of birdies around here, so I'll just keep trying to do that.

Q. You have put together a pretty strong season. What has been consistent throughout?
KEVIN TWAY: My ball-is something always pretty good. Just depends on if I'm putting well or not. The times I've played well it's because of my putter.

Q. Putter was on fire today clearly. Good playing. See you tomorrow.
KEVIN TWAY: Appreciate it, thanks.

Q. Were you worried about the cut at that point and watching that line, or just grinding away at the course in front of you?
KEVIN TWAY: My seventh hole, 16, the par-3?

Q. No, no, before your birdie streak.
KEVIN TWAY: Oh, before the streak? Yeah, it was kind of a so-so day. Just all pars. Made kind of a long putt which kind of got it going. I knew I could get there on 17, and, yeah, from then on I made a lot of birdies in a row.

Q. What does that feel like?
KEVIN TWAY: It felt good. I was wishing it would never stop, but it did. I made a couple after that, which was nice. Yeah, you're just feeling good. A lot the putts are going in, every thing is good.

Q. Were you aware that your dad had a similar streak 14, 15 years ago?
KEVIN TWAY: I figured he probably made a lot of birdies in a row. I mean, he played for forever. I wasn't really aware of it. I figured at some point he probably had a lot of birdies in a row.

Q. When you missed the birdie putt there by about eight feet but then came back and stiffed the next shot, how important was that to keep your momentum going do you think?
KEVIN TWAY: Yeah, it was nice. I was disappointed I missed that putt. I hit a good shot in there. Yeah, I hit a good second shot, like a9-iron from 120, like a small one on 6.

That was nice to get a birdie.

Q. What kind of confidence does that give you heading into tomorrow?
KEVIN TWAY: Yeah, a lot. I made a triple on my 11th hole yesterday which kind of took the sails out of me.

I hung in there yesterday and made three or four birdies coming in, which put me kind of back where I even had a chance to make the cut. Yeah, a good one today got me back in it.

Q. How familiar do you feel with this course?
KEVIN TWAY: This is my third time playing it. Yeah, it's a good course. You got to make a lot of the birdies, so just keep trying to do that.

Q. Were you rolling it well before that string started?
KEVIN TWAY: Yeah. I kind of have a different putting tip this week. I am trying to keep my head really still, everything really still. Yeah, it's working well.

Q. To be where you're at going into round three, what does that mean?
KEVIN TWAY: Yeah, it's good. I'm in a good position. There are still two more days so I got to keep the pedal down and keep making tons of birdies.

Q. Playing in the wind in the afternoon with the conditions, does that make you feel better with the score you put the up?
KEVIN TWAY: Yeah. I like the winds. I'm from Oklahoma. It's always windy. Seems like it's always windy when we play as well, so you got to get used to that.

It doesn't really change my game much. I hit it pretty low anyway. Nice to see a lot of putts go in.

Q. You had three putts in that streak that were over 20 feet long. When you make one, does it make the second one not easier, but is there a little more confidence behind the ball?
KEVIN TWAY: Yeah, a little bit. You hit it a little more aggressive. I've been hitting my short putts well this week, so it's made me be a little bit more aggressive. It's worked out nice.

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