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August 29, 2001

Michal Tabara


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What was the most frustrating thing in the fifth set? There were a lot of things that were frustrating to you. Was it the way you were playing? What was it?

MICHAL TABARA: You talking about the fifth set or...

Q. Yes. Well, during the match, especially in the fifth set.

MICHAL TABARA: I break him and I didn't hold serve and I felt in this game very bad. And he break me back and I was little bit down and was going like up, was better, better, better. And he beat me, so...

Q. What about that point? I guess it was for break to 3-1. You thought that was in. Were you surprised it wasn't overruled?

MICHAL TABARA: No, I think was good. But I said was good. Gimelstob can say it was out, so... But I'm not sure. He call it out and he break me, so what can I do?

Q. Were you upset with the linesman in that call?

MICHAL TABARA: I don't understand. Sorry.

Q. Were you frustrated with the lines guy, the guy that makes the calls?

MICHAL TABARA: Yeah. But he call out and what I have to do? I can make nothing. So if he call out, so he's out.

Q. He's been hurt a lot. Now he's starting to come back. Were you surprised at how well he was able to play at all?

MICHAL TABARA: Yeah. But I think he wasn't fit. That's what I think, because he doesn't move so well like in two first sets. That's what I think, he take injury time because he cannot breathe and cannot move. Nothing. So if somebody like every second changing injury time, so it's -- I never seen before. So in the fifth set, was like from the beginning of the match. He move, was like, "Come on, come on," serve well. So I think he wasn't fit.

Q. What happened at the end? They were showing replays. You looked like you had spit up something at the end of the match.

MICHAL TABARA: Can you repeat it, please.

Q. It looked like you spit at the end of the match. It looked like you were directing it toward the official.

MICHAL TABARA: I don't understand. I am sorry.

Q. At the end of the match, as you were walking to the net toward Justin, you spit in the direction of the official.


Q. That's why I'm asking.

MICHAL TABARA: What happen? He can go to Hollywood and he can make some movie. That's what I said.

Q. Say that again.

MICHAL TABARA: He can go to the Hollywood and make some movies.

Q. You're talking about Gimelstob now?


Q. It was not the official. You don't think he acts in a professional way?

MICHAL TABARA: I don't know what to say, so... I just said in Czech language, "You have to go to Hollywood." Nothing else.

Q. Did he say anything back to you? What did he say to you?

MICHAL TABARA: Nothing, because he don't understand Czech.

Q. He didn't know what you meant?

MICHAL TABARA: He didn't understand Czech language.

Q. So this was before you shook his hand, you spit at him?


Q. Did you come close to hitting him?


Q. But just the way he acts, pumping up the crowd?

MICHAL TABARA: He was doing like, "Come on," he said. "Okay, you can go to Hollywood."

Q. Especially because it's a first-round match.

MICHAL TABARA: I know. But somebody doing like take every second changes injury time and then in the fifth set like nothing happen, so it's...

Q. Do you know that he lived in LA, near Hollywood, for a good while he was in college?


Q. Is that pretty annoying when you play somebody like that, who's very emotional?


Q. This was overemotional, I guess? Is that what got you upset?

MICHAL TABARA: I don't know. I don't know what to say.

Q. Were you surprised that he could come back so strong in that final set? Something you didn't think would happen.

MICHAL TABARA: I don't know what happen. He wasn't fit, nothing else. He just take time for the fifth set and the fifth set was like -- I don't know. He was fit so he play unbelievable fifth set.

Q. If he went and made a movie, it would be a B movie, a lousy movie you would not want to see?

MICHAL TABARA: Yeah, I would want to see this movie because I think he has good chance to make some good movie.

Q. Do you think he was more excited because he has had a very poor season and maybe he didn't have any expectations of winning today and he came through?

MICHAL TABARA: I don't understand. Sorry. I don't. Sorry.

Q. In the past Justin, here at the US Open, has had other matches where he's been very excited, over-the-top. Do the players know that? Do they understand that about Justin or not like that about Justin?

MICHAL TABARA: I don't understand. Sorry.

Q. What did you know about him before you played him today?

MICHAL TABARA: I know him big serve, is coming return the net, baseline, nothing special. So, you know...

Q. Did you know anything about the way he acts on the court, emotionally? He gets involved emotionally into matches.

MICHAL TABARA: (Shaking head).

Q. If you could play him, Justin, again, what would you do differently the next time if he starts to act?

MICHAL TABARA: I don't know. I think I would play the same like today. So I think I was playing good but, you know, if I lose first two sets it's too difficult to win the match. So it was big mistake, lose first set, two sets.

End of FastScripts….

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