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July 14, 2017

Stephen Gallacher

Ayrshire, Scotland

Q. How pleased with a 72?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Yeah, I would have liked to have maybe one or two better. It was a tough day today. Wind was a totally different direction, a lot softer, a lot colder. It played a lot longer today.

Q. What's pleased you the most over the first two days about the game in general?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: I think just got to stay patient really. If you hit it off-line, you've just got to take your medicine and try to get back in play. Good attitude and try and take your chances when you get them.

Q. When you look at the leaderboard, the guys starting at the top haven't managed to pull away, either, so 4-under, you're nicely in touch.
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Yeah, not far away. I think it just dropping a little bit now. It's a tough wind. It's a different direction, so it's enough to -- you've got to think a bit more now with the different wind position.

Q. If you need to push things over the weekend, is this the kind of golf course you can be aggressive on if you need to?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: You can if you know that you can make mistakes. It's quite a risk and reward. It's a second-shot golf course. The greens are quite severe, so if you miss it one side, you've got a really tough chance of making par.

Yeah, I think you've got to be aggressive off the tee more than anything to leave yourself a shot around.

Q. How difficult was the wind today, because it seemed to be swirling about.
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Yeah, it was up-and-down and sort of different direction. It's colder. Tough to club really. So as you can see, everybody's kind of struggling.

Q. Completely different from yesterday. 4 was straight into the wind yesterday and downwind today.
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Yeah, a quarter to, maybe even -- it's trying to, it quartered and it went back and it went back again. Until it settle the down and goes consistent, it's all over the place.

Q. Would you have taken 4-under when you were standing on the first tee yesterday morning?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Probably not but standing on the first tee today I'm quite happy with it being how cold it was and how tough some of the pins were, as well. It's a tough track and 4-under is up there.

Q. What do you think is a decent score today? The wind looks like it can drop again this afternoon.
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Well, there's always somebody plays well. Somebody shot 7-under yesterday, and if it's your day, it's your day. If you hit it close and you know the greens are a good speed, as well, you can hole a few putts, who knows what happens. As long as I give myself a chance over the weekend, I'm happy.

Q. Conditions tomorrow, looks like it's going to be really heavy rain tomorrow.
STEPHEN GALLACHER: It might not be, you never know. It could be beautiful sunshine. That's where we live. The weather, it could change.

Yeah, the weather, can't control that. Just have to turn up and adapt and hopefully put in a couple of good scores.

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