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July 14, 2017

Matt Kuchar

Ayrshire, Scotland

Q. Eagle to finish yesterday, two birdies to start today. How much are you a believer in momentum between rounds of golf?
MATT KUCHAR: Overnight momentum can keep going. Certainly it was a great way to finish last night. It's a rare thing to finish with an eagle. It's a highlight to finish with a birdie, and if you get an eagle, it's great. Come out, got off to a great start. It was a great way to get my round going.

Q. You've had some great moments in links golf between and a runner-up finish but also some tough weeks. What do you know more about links golf that you didn't know ten years ago?
MATT KUCHAR: I don't know that I'm a whole lot more knowledgeable. I would just say I'm a better golfer. I would say I'm a more consistent golfer. I understand my game, understand how to play it. I actually was sitting out on one of the fairways today, I had 109 yards to the hole. Wind was howling in and here I was hitting a 9-iron in. Typically just would never do that in the States.

It's great to be over here and great to be getting a feel for it. They are fun shots to hit. It's never just a standard, solid shot. You've got to play the wind and play different clubs, and it's really enjoyable.

Q. Two solid days so far around Dundonald. How do you assess the tournament so far?
MATT KUCHAR: Enjoyed it. We've had some kind of perfect links weather. It's been cool, a little bit windy, a little bit rainy. Kind of got all you want and now it's beautiful out for the guys this afternoon. But I'm sure the wind will keep up, and it makes for some challenge.

The course is very playable if you're hitting the ball well and I see Pádraig Harrington at 9-under is a fantastic score. But it also can beat you up. Those pot bunkers are kind of out there to gobble up some wayward drives, and enough of the rough to be troublesome.

Q. The wind did get up for you today out on the course. What sort of challenge does that add around this course in particular?
MATT KUCHAR: Yeah, I think it's what you want to see for links golf. I think you expect some challenge. You expect the wind to be up. Certainly at times this morning, it was quite blowy and made for challenging golf, but I find it enjoyable. I enjoy that challenge.

Q. You've done well in this competition before, second-place finish at Gullane and you're having a very consistent season. What's the key for you over this weekend and as well as you look ahead to next week at Birkdale?
MATT KUCHAR: Driving the ball well. I think you come here and links golf, it's so important to stay out of the pot bunkers. You continue driving the ball well and it just sets up the rest of the day.

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