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July 14, 2017

Adam Scott

Ayrshire, Scotland

Q. Well played for the second straight day. How do you compare the today's round to your start here at The Scottish?
ADAM SCOTT: Very different starts to my rounds. Yesterday I was off to a straight start and today I really struggled early. I was tentative with the putter. I missed a short one and made a silly double on my third or fourth hole, and was trying to play catchup after that, and did a fairly good job of it. You know, to shoot under par after being a few over early is a good result I guess.

But I'm fearful that the weather is looking very nice this afternoon and the lead is probably going to be running away. I'm going to have my work cut out on the weekend to get in contention, so I need a really good day tomorrow, two good nine holes of golf.

Q. Stephen Gallacher said yesterday about the golf course kind of really firming up, getting a lot quicker than had it done early on in the week. Do you agree with that statement?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I think so. Certainly some pitches into some greens, as soon as they are downwind, they are taking huge bounces, and some of the putts are sneaky quick. With a lot of slope on the greens, inevitably you're going to end up in a spot where it's very hard to put the ball close to the hole, as well.

Yeah, we're tested the whole way around from tee-to-green here but nice to see it firming up and getting a little fiery, so we've got to control our shots a little more.

Q. Talking of tee-to-green, you touched on that yesterday, is that the part of your game that's really giving you a huge amount of confidence now?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it's taken a nice turn for the better the last month and a half or so. I've struck the ball very well. If I could just match it up with just a bit of short game showing up, it would be really nice.

I don't feel I'm far off. It's right there. It's a shot or two a round I'd like to clean up. Hopefully I can find that on the weekend and take it on from here.

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