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July 14, 2017

Jeong-Eun Lee

Bedminster, New Jersey

THE MODERATOR: Good afternoon. Welcome to the 2017 U.S. Women's Open Championship.

As Vanessa said, we are very happy to welcome our current leader, Jeong-Eun Lee of Korea to have shot consecutive 3-under, 69s, currently 6-under and our the clubhouse leader.

Jeongeun, would you talk a little bit about your play and particularly your finish, you had your first -- or started your 1st Round yesterday, finished this morning and went right back out and played.

Can you talk about how difficult that was an the conditions?

JEONG-EUN LEE: I actually finished yesterday.

THE MODERATOR: She did. Okay.

JEONG-EUN LEE: I felt comfortable after finishing up. Today was also comfortable playing so --

THE MODERATOR: How were the conditions, given all the rain that we've had over the last 24 hours?

JEONG-EUN LEE: I think it's better for it to rain rather than having all the wind and with the rain it was pretty wet out there so I was able to stop the ball on the greens which helped a lot and made me more comfortable.

THE MODERATOR: We'll open it to questions.

I have a few questions, also. Many of the media members have noticed that there is a 6 when you look at the results.

Could you talk a little bit about why that is and what that means?

JEONG-EUN LEE: So the 6 became -- well, was added to my name, Jeongeun, because there is 6 different girls with same name as KLPGA. I'm the last one with the name Jeongeun which gave me the 6.

THE MODERATOR: Do you also have a fan club that includes the 6?

JEONG-EUN LEE: Yes. The name of my fan club is Lucky 6.

THE MODERATOR: Excellent. Thank you. Do we have some more questions?

Q. Do you know the other five?
JEONG-EUN LEE: I know the five. The one in LPGA right now.

Q. Do you prefer your names to be together or I've seen it both ways, Jeongeun with a space or altogether in terms of spelling?
JEONG-EUN LEE: I like to see it as one word, Jeongeun as one word.

Q. Jeongeun, are there ever cases where people confuse you with one of the other five young women?
JEONG-EUN LEE: Yeah, there are some confusions but as of now there's only 5 and 6 are currently playing which makes it a little better.

Q. Hi. I noticed, you know, a lot of people don't know about you but if you read your autobiography it seems you've played very well this year and had something like ten Top-10 finishes.
Playing well is not a surprise to you.

JEONG-EUN LEE: I always surprised when I play well and right now it's my first time in LPGA and I'm really surprised that I played really well at the U.S. Open. So just grateful to play well.

Q. If you played so well, though, why would you be surprised to continue to play well?
JEONG-EUN LEE: I surprised because LPGA is my dream and it's the most difficult -- you know, known tournament to be the most difficult in the world, U.S. Open, so that's why I'm very surprised to play well.

Q. Is this your first time in the United States and what are your impressions?
JEONG-EUN LEE: I'm very nervous because it is my first time to the United States. I'm nervous that -- because I'm not sure if I could finish well in the last two days.

Q. What do you think about being in the United States, anything strike you as unusual or surprising to you?
JEONG-EUN LEE: Well, in Korea when it starts raining usually rains all day but here it's sunny, gets rain, windy. So, I'm very surprised about like fast change of weather.

Q. Jeong-Eun, how would you characterize just how competitive the KLPGA is, how tough it is to win there?
JEONG-EUN LEE: One week you can win, next week you could miss a cut but the person that missed the cut could also win so I think like the level of play is like -- doesn't matter what rank you are, you can always win because their experience is great.

THE MODERATOR: Do we have any other questions? Thank you so much for visiting us today. Great play. Keep it up this weekend.

Sorry, one other questions.

Q. I was just wondering who you're traveling with this week, if you brought any family with you.
JEONG-EUN LEE: Here with her mother and my usual caddy in KPLGA and then with him, myself and the president of my agent company.

Q. I know women's golf is a big deal in South Korea.
Have you, by any chance, ever played golf in front of the President of your country like some of the Americans today may?

JEONG-EUN LEE: I never played in front of the President in Korea and I never met the President of Korea but I'm very grateful that I might have a chance to meet the President of the United States.

THE MODERATOR: Two more questions.

Q. Most Americans here don't know about Jeongeun, so please explain who you are. I guess that's the question, who she is.
One of the other questions is, how are you playing so well this year?

JEONG-EUN LEE: My iron shots are great. My short game became better and overall like I don't have much misses. That's why I made so many Top-10s and a win in Korea.

To introduce myself to everyone here, I was Rookie Of The Year last year in KLPGA and currently No. 3 on the money list and that's how I like to be explained as.

THE MODERATOR: We're very happy to have you. Great job today. Thank you for being with us and good luck this weekend.

JEONG-EUN LEE: Thank you.

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