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July 13, 2017

Bailey Tardy

Bedminster, New Jersey

Q. You had a chance on 18, too?

Q. How long was that one?
BAILEY TARDY: Probably like eight feet above the hole. I had a chance.

Q. I know that this is your third Open. Missing the cut the first two times. How is this year different for you?
BAILEY TARDY: I don't know. The first two times in the Open, I kind of felt like -- not that I didn't belong, but I was very intimidated by the golf course, by the cameras, grandstands, everything. I feel like this being my third go-around and being around cameras more in college, it's really made me more comfortable and it's kind of easier to block out those kind of things.

Q. It takes a little time to get used to that, too. Are you 20 now, right?

Q. Does it get any easier? Does an Open get any easier?
BAILEY TARDY: Right now I don't really know. I feel like if I was a pro, then it would be different. Right now I'm going out here, trying to learn as much as I can just from the pros and just every situation I'm in.

Q. You seem pretty comfortable. I watched you earlier in the week and you seemed pretty happy out there?
BAILEY TARDY: Yeah. I mean, I had my coach out here earlier and he's someone that I'm really comfortable around. I'm surrounding myself with people that I can get along with and talk to and talk through my nerves in a way. That's something I definitely picked up over the last couple of years, just have the people that you know and support you around you. I think they will take you far.

Q. Who is your caddie?
BAILEY TARDY: John. He's a local caddie. I came up here and played like a month ago and he caddied for me then. I was like, We're here, please, I really want you.

Q. Do you know his last name?
BAILEY TARDY: No. I should know that. He's very well know. Everyone around the club knows him. They call him Johnny. He's awesome, so sweet. He plays golf himself, so he knows a lot about the game, knows about this golf course.

Q. That helps a lot, doesn't it, some local knowledge?
BAILEY TARDY: It does, especially on these greens.

Q. What would you see is the highlight of your round today or highlights?
BAILEY TARDY: Definitely greens in regulation. I think I missed two greens out there. So even one of greens I missed, I was just on the fringe. Or maybe I was missed three because I was on the fringe twice. Staying out of the rough and avoiding that. It's pretty thick out there. But it is manageable, so when you are in it you have got to be very smart. I think hitting fairways and greens was the key today. I could have putted better, but obviously I'm not complaining.

Q. How many holes did you have to play when you returned after the rain delay?
BAILEY TARDY: We hit our tee shots on 15, so we had three and half holes left.

Q. Was the course super different when you got back?
BAILEY TARDY: Not really, no. I was a little bit more nervous coming back out. There was more cameras around.

I kind of scrambled for par on 15. I didn't hit a very good second shot.

I mean, I think maybe nerves got me on 16, too. I don't know. I finished well, so...besides 16.

Q. What is your mindset for tomorrow?
BAILEY TARDY: Just kind of keeping this momentum going. I think that I hit my drives really well today. If I can keep doing that and giving myself chances to get on the green, give myself birdie putts, I'll be fine. Really, if you are on the green and giving yourself opportunities, I mean, you've got the world at your fingertips really.

Q. Really less time to think about things. You are late today and out early tomorrow. That can be a positive, too?
BAILEY TARDY: Yes, definitely. I'm loving I'm first off in each wave. Today we definitely had spike marks on all greens.

Tomorrow we'll have fresh greens for at least nine holes. That will be nice. Even though it's 6:45, I think I'd rather play as early as possible and get done as early as possible.

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