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July 13, 2017

Adam Scott

Ayrshire, Scotland

Q. You're playing The Scottish Open for the first time since 2000. How would you assess day one?
ADAM SCOTT: It was a good day. I played well today, particularly the front nine. Really pure out there, and took advantage of it and got off to a good start, so that was pleasing.

Tried scrambling a little too much on the back nine for my liking, and left myself some hard work for par and missed a few. So I dropped a shot coming in, but all in all, a good start to the tournament. I'm going to need three more of them to even have a chance here.

Q. You said most people don't even realise the difference between PGA Tour golf versus links golf, the adjustments you have to make. What is the biggest adjustment?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I think just seeing the ball really get affected by the wind. Of course it does a little bit back in the States, but when it gets cold and the wind is coming straight off a cold ocean, the ball really moves and it's very hard to fight it sometimes. You've got to go with it. Sometimes you have to get under it. And to do that, we're not used to scuttling it along the ground, and to get a feel that a 5-iron chip shot is going to go 180 yards or something. It just takes a few goes at doing it to get comfortable.

Q. Your driver has always been one of your favourite weapons. How would you assess your day off the tee?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I drove it pure today off the tee. It was really good. Typically I let it leak a little on the last, and one hole that you would really love to get the driver down the fairway and maybe have a chance at eagle.

But scrambling, made birdie, and so it was a nice way to finish. If I can deep driving it like that for the rest of the week, I'll really like where I'll be at.

Q. Just as the rain starts falling, it's been a tricky day for the players, blustery winds, but I presume you must be pretty delighted with that start here at the Scottish.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I'm very pleased. It's a day where it can get away from you if it's not going your way. So I went out and played well tee-to-green. Tested the patience a little bit on the green. I would have liked to have made some more but very tricky greens. They are playing a bit quick and they have a little bit of bump and you don't want to leave yourself a lot of work out there, and I was protecting against that. You know, very happy overall to shoot in the 60s today.

Q. How nice is it to come back and play in The Scottish Open, a tournament you've played for a number of years?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, really nice. So many memories from playing up here, and it's been way too long, really. Fun to be back, and certainly catch up with some of my buddies who are playing over here, but also fun to be playing in front of a Scottish crowd again. Yeah, it's very enjoyable and hopefully start of a good week.

Q. How important is it to return and obviously get that links prep in ahead of next week?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, that's the idea. Hopefully it's going to be really helpful. We've seen some guys do it really successfully the last few years, so no reason why I can't apply the same tactics. Very important to get four rounds in here and get a good feeling for the links, and then obviously we'll move our thoughts to Birkdale next week.

Q. Overall, the game, feel like it's kind of bubbling, simmering, just very close to being excellent?
ADAM SCOTT: Tee-to-green is really good. I'd love my short game to lift just a little bit. Probably got one out of four up-and-down today, and you know, if that was three out of four, then I'm shooting really good scores. So you know, very small things but very possible to tweak in the next few days.

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