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July 13, 2017

Daniel Sumemrhays

Silvis, Illinois

Q. Bogey on the first, but since then six birdies. How is the golf course playing out there today?
DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Actually think it was playing the longest in my years here that I've ever played it, just how soft it was out there. There were a lot of back pins today, so seemed like I had more mid-irons into a lot of holes.

I was really pleased. Putted really nicely. Had a couple nice up and downs, par saves, and actually hit a few good shots close. The putter definitely was the key today.

Q. What's the key for you to play this golf course well?
DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: I don't know, to be honest. I seem to play well here. You know, I think statistically over the last six, seven years I've made just about as many birdies as anybody out here.

For some reason I see the greens really well, reads on the greens. My stroke feels good. Hopefully I can continue to make putts. That's what you need to do out here to win.

Q. Come into this wee 133rd on the FedExCups pints list. What do you tell yourself with basically including this week six weeks left?
DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Yeah, it's definitely too late in the season right now to be 133.

But I feel good inside. I'm not points-wise where I need to be, but like I said, I feel good inside. I'm excited. I'm playing well, which is nice. The last three months I've been in the hunt so many times. We've had a lot of chats with you guys.

Just looking forward to the next few days. Just stay focused on each shot. That's all you can control. If you start thinking and projecting outcomes and points and different things, your head can get into a tailspin.

Just working hard on just staying in the present moment. I'm exactly where I need to be.

Q. A bogey to start the day, but you never looked back. How did you put together that 66? With some good putting?
DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Yeah, I really did. I made a lot of putts. On my 16th hole, No. 7, I had about a 15-footer for par. I was like, You know what? They're all going in today. Why not this one? It rolled right in the heart. I definitely made a lot of putts.

I didn't hit quite as well, but actually hit a fair amount the solid shots to give myself some looks. So overall, really pleased with my round.

Q. This historically is a course where you can get into the red. You've played this event several times in the past. How much did the rain over the past couple days, including this morning, affect the way it played?
DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Yeah, I told my caddie, I think this played the longest like just yardage-wise that I think I've ever seen it. The drives were just sticking right where they were landing.

Today we had an unusual amount of back hole locations, so it made and extra ten yards it seemed on each hole.

The nice thing is the shots coming into the green, they're staying right where they are. So if you have an 8, 7, 6-iron in versus a wedge, you don't have to worry about the ball releasing. You can fly it right to the hole and it'll stay right there.

It's kind of a give and take. It plays longer, but the approach shots are a little easier to stay close to the hole.

Q. Not long ago you shot 66 in the opening round of the Quicken Loans. Carried it over into this round. What has carried over from that event to this one?
DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Yeah, I've been playing good for the last few months now. Was right in the hunt. Had the lead in Memorial, coming in there.

Seems like every tournament I've played the last three or so months I've been right in the thick of it. I continue to learn. I'm playing really good golf, which I'm really happy about. I'm driving it good. Iron play is solid. Today my putting showed up, so I can bank on that hopefully the rest of the year.

Q. Odd numbered year on a Thursday, so you must be shooting well, right?
DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Yeah. JDC is awfully good to me. I like putting out here. The greens always seem to look good to me. Rolling the ball where I want to and they're going right in the middle of the cup.

I did not hit it my best today, but was able to scramble a couple times and make some pars, where I could have easily made bogeys after a couple errant tee shots and a couple bad iron shots.

Overall I'm really pleased. I still hit enough good shots, really quality shots, to score well.

Q. We get out here and the scores are already low. The conditions were great from the start. Could you see change throughout?
DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Yeah, it was a great tee times being first off. The greens are perfect, like putting on carpet. I mean, it really is. The turf here is really amazing. I'm really pleased with how I started. I'll go get a little practice in and get ready for tomorrow.

Q. You know how it is here. You have to put back-to-back-to-back-to back good rounds. Focus now moving forward?
DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Yeah, you make as many birdies as you can. Even though like the 9th hole, it's driver, 5-iron or 6-iron, still you need to be thinking birdie even though it's one of the toughest holes on the course.

The winner may make between 25 and 30 birdies this week. That's what it usually takes here.

Q. When you shot well on Thursday you've always finished well by the end of Sunday. Good omen today?
DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: I have no idea. You guys know the trends better than I do.

Overall I've been playing well. I've been right in the thick of it in most every tournament that I've played over the last three months.

I'm going to be there again this week. I'll continue to learn, continue to grow, and hopefully I can get a putt or two to lip in, get a good break here and there, and be right there come late Sunday.

Q. You mentioned you love this course. What is it about this event, this course that appeals to you so much?
DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: I think the greens are incredible. They're the perfect consistency of speed and smoothness. I just see the breaks really easily out here. I think that's a factor. A lot of the holes shape my eye pretty well.

I'll find myself playing this event for a long time.

Q. How much extra confidence do you have knowing you've had success in the past when you step on the first tee?
DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Yeah, it definitely breeds confidence. You can be playing bad and come back to a place that you've played well at and it can breed confidence.

I've been playing great. Coming back to a place you've played great while you're still playing great is that much more exciting.

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