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July 13, 2017

Bryson DeChambeau

Silvis, Illinois

Q. Great round of golf. Bogey-free. How good was the driving today. You did not miss a fairway.
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: Whoo, pretty impressed there with my own self, I would say. I think the most important thing was for me to try and get it in the fairway. That's what I accomplished. I've never done that before, and that was my goal out here last couple years being out here.

I wanted to have a round that I don't miss the fairway; I was able to do it.

Q. You get that done, but that doesn't necessarily mean that's going to translate into birdies; you did. Clean card; 5-under. What else fell in line for you?
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: Yeah, I think I was putting beautifully today. Hit a couple putts too far past the hole and I had three or four foot coming back, but I was able to make those. Then where I could get aggressive I was a little aggressive and was able to make birdies on some tough holes.

Let's see, I made birdie on 10, 11, 12, 15. Those aren't easy holes where those pins were. I was lucky enough to sneak in.

Just missed a couple wedges. Like on 14 I had a little 60-yard shot. Could have easily driven it up by the green and chipped it up on the on the green. Unfortunately had a misshit wedge there. Was able to get up and down. Recovered very well today.

Q. Finished 5-under in your opening round here. You've got to be happy with the way you played. What exactly do you take from today to tomorrow?
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: I think I bring confidence to the table tomorrow. I know that I can play well out here. If I take care of some of the easier holes out here today - they seem to be the tougher ones for me for some reason - if I can take care of those, I can hopefully take it deeper.

Q. A course we see a lot red numbers on. How do you take advantage of this course with the way it's set up?
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: Yeah, you got to be hitting your wedges really close. If you can do that all week, you'll be just fine. If you can make pars on the tough par-3s and hit it on the fairway, like on 15 every day, land it on the green, two-putt, make your par, get out of there, I think you have a very good chance of playing well here.

Q. You and I talked about waiting for that breakthrough. You've had a couple good tournaments the past few months. What would you say is working for you right now?
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: I'm starting to understand my golf swing pretty darn well. I think in college I understood it really well up to a certain point, and then once I got here I was trying a few new things because I had some increased strength, more time to go to the gym and things like that.

So I was trying a couple different things and was able to understand that I don't necessarily need the distance to be that consistent, especially with how I function on the golf swing.

I was able to understand about three weeks ago that I can just keep it in the fairway every day and hit it on the green close and make couple putts. That's what I'm doing.

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