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July 13, 2017

Andrew Dodt

Ayrshire, Scotland

Q. How were conditions?
ANDREW DODT: Conditions were quite nice to play in early. It's nice and warm. Not too much wind. As the round went on, it started to get a little bit colder and wind picked up a little bit. Got a bit tricky toward the end but a solid days work.

Q. Four birdies in five holes at the end of your front nine. It was a good run to string together.
ANDREW DODT: Yeah, it was. The first four or five holes were really solid. Grazed the edge a couple of times, and then just got on a bit of a run there through the middle to sort of setup the round. It was pretty solid from there on in.

Q. You had a pretty steady week in Ireland, tied 20th. Did you learn anything from there that you brought into this week in terms of playing links golf courses again?
ANDREW DODT: I wouldn't say anything. I think you just practise hitting shots in the practise rounds and then put it into tournament play, and you get out here on a day like this, and you've already hit the shots from last week.

I feel really comfortable. I play pretty well in the wind, anyway, so I feel pretty comfortable in these conditions.

Q. Any changing clubs in the bag this week?
ANDREW DODT: No, 2-iron is probably my favourite club, so I leave it in there and hit it as many times as I can.

Q. 67 today, just describe today's round. Did you enjoy yourself?
ANDREW DODT: I did, yeah. Really, really solid day. Had a lot of fun. A lot of quality shots, quality putts. It was just a really solid day's work.

Q. Tied 20th last week and a good result at the BMW PGA, as well, tied sixth. How would you describe your season at the moment?
ANDREW DODT: The back of last year, the PGA at Hong Kong was a strong start to the 2017 season and I didn't quite go on with it early on this year.

But yeah, Wentworth was a really good week. Ireland last week was in the right direction, so I feel like my game is in a really good place, and really need to keep the foot on the accelerator through these events. Because if you don't have a good week, the guys just go straight past you. So it's all about keeping the focus and keeping the foot down.

Q. How comfortable did you feel on the links today? What kind of challenge is it today?
ANDREW DODT: I feel pretty comfortable in windy conditions. It gets pretty windy back home in Australia. So sort of growing up with the wind, feel pretty comfortable playing links golf.

Q. Your 2-iron is your favourite club in the bag. How many times did you use it today?
ANDREW DODT: Probably not that much to be honest, but I'm sure I'll need it over the next three days.

Q. How important is wedge play around this course?
ANDREW DODT: Yeah, very important. I think you can have a yardage which is probably normally a wedge but out here it could be 9- or 8-iron. Just back in the stance a little bit, get on top of it and commit to it.

Q. Obviously Open Championship qualification was in your mind last week, again in your mind this week; is it there?
ANDREW DODT: Absolutely. Last chance this week. It's been in my mind for probably a good month now. It's sort of been my primary focus. One round down, three to go and hopefully we're there at the end of the week.

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