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July 13, 2017

Amy Yang

Bedminster, New Jersey

THE MODERATOR: Welcome to the 2017 U.S. Women's Open Media Center. Very happy to welcome Amy Yang, who is currently in second after a 5-under, 67 today.

Amy, can you talk a little bit about your 1st Round, the conditions and what was really working for you today?

AMY YANG: You know, I started the round little slow, you know. I wasn't that comfortable over the ball so I had to do a lot of long putts and it was just little hard to, you know, like make a birdie and -- but, you know, I was out there just being patient and I started get some good momentum going on the back-9, putting worked really well on the back-9.

THE MODERATOR: You've played in quite a few Women's Opens. You know how important patience is coming into an event like this.

How much do you focus on that as you come into what you know is going to be probably a challenging round?

AMY YANG: I think it is maybe most important one being patient out there. You know, I'm not sure if it's like 10th or 11th U.S. Open I play in and, you know, I know the course will be tough out there and, you know, things not going to go like way you think.

So I think it's most important, yeah.

THE MODERATOR: We'll open it to questions.

Q. Amy, why are you so good at U.S. Women's Opens? Why are you -- you seem to be always on the leaderboard.
AMY YANG: You know, I thought about it. I'm doing same exact thing, you know. I work on same thing and I do same routine and I try to do my best but compared to other tournaments, I'm not sure.

I think maybe just, you know, because U.S. Open is one of my favorite tournaments and enjoy being here, yeah.

THE MODERATOR: Cristie Kerr has often said she enjoys playing the Women's Open because the course is actually a little more difficult. Do you enjoy playing difficult golf courses as well?

AMY YANG: I do, I do, yeah. I do like little more difficult condition golf course. Makes you more focused out there and, yeah, I think that helps.

THE MODERATOR: Do we have another question?

Q. You've been so close before. Are you ever saying, "Am I ever going to win this?"
AMY YANG: I'll keep trying. I'm playing good, you know, played good lately and I'm hitting the ball solid and making some putts, you know.

I'm going to do same things, you know, next three days and see what happened.

THE MODERATOR: Could we ask you, Amy, to go through your birdies and bogies today?


THE MODERATOR: You came prepared, good.

AMY YANG: Okay. On No. 4, I made a birdie. That was par 3. Made a pretty long putt here. I'm not sure how long. Maybe 20 feet.

Then next hole I made a bogey -- I think I three-putted there. It was pretty long distance.

On No. 8, made another birdie, par 5, about 18 feet away from the hole.

The next hole I pushed to the right side, I was underneath a tree. I had to punch out and just 3 on, two putts.

Starting 10th hole.

THE MODERATOR: You really got hot, yeah.

AMY YANG: Just I hit the birdie putt like maybe slightly like hard. It could have gone really long if I missed it but made it. From there I started have good momentum going on and 11, yeah, about 12 feet.

Par 3, what was number 14?

THE MODERATOR: It's okay. We can skip it.

AMY YANG: Another par 5, yeah. I went for two and was on the left side.

THE MODERATOR: Chipped in.

AMY YANG: Actually the 14th, par 3, I had like 30 feet birdie putt. It was really good. And on No. 18 I had 72 yards to the pin and it landed about 73 and came back like tap-in birdie.

THE MODERATOR: Okay. So this is very impressive when we came in, we talked a little bit about the heat this morning and it's obviously very warm here.

How did you feel, particularly as you were playing your second 9 holes just with the heat and being able to focus and turn in a 31 on those 9 holes?

AMY YANG: It was really hot out there even from the range in the morning. Kind of felt a little bit tired on the front-9 but like I had some drink and fluid and like told myself I have to keep focused on it.

THE MODERATOR: It obviously worked very well. Great. Do we have any other questions today?

Beth has a question.

Q. Juli Inkster was in here earlier and I asked her which type of player this golf course would suit and she said your name, that she thought this was a good course for you.
Did you think that when you first played here for the first time?

AMY YANG: No, I didn't.

Q. Why is that?
AMY YANG: You know, it's a very hard golf course, you know, especially like around the green and even greens, they are very undulated and I'd say I was excited, you know -- just excited to play tournament and think, oh, this course suits me like I'm going to play well.

THE MODERATOR: No extra pressure?


THE MODERATOR: Amy, certainly got off to a wonderful start today. 5-under, 67, one stroke off the lead. Thanks for joining us today. Keep it going this weekend.

AMY YANG: Thank you.

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