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July 13, 2017

Amy Yang

Bedminster, New Jersey

Q. How did you manage the 5-under? What was the best part of your game?
AMY YANG: Putting. Putting worked good. I started a little slow, you know. It wasn't feel comfortable, that comfortable over the ball, so I hit a lot of long putts to make it on the front nine. I had trouble getting the putting speed. I picked it up on the front nine just started making some putts.

Q. How long was your longest putt?
AMY YANG: You mean, the birdies or the --

Q. Were they close?
AMY YANG: They were like 15 feet and the longer one was like 30 feet.

Q. You've had many good rounds at majors before. How do you put this together over the next three days as well?
AMY YANG: I'm sorry. What was that?

Q. You've done very well at majors before. You had individual very good rounds. It's four days, though. How hard are the next three?
AMY YANG: Especially this week, we are playing on the very tough condition golf course. So need a lot of patience out there and make sure I'm rested before I go out and do the same routine, same practice.

Q. Are you generally a patient person?
AMY YANG: I would say yeah. Yeah.

Q. How does that show itself in your golf? How does that show up when you are on the course, your patience?
A. You know, golf, it's a long game, like five hours you have to play 18 holes. A lot of things can happen out there. Just even it's bad or good out there, just keep like focus. You have to keep focus on what you are doing.

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