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July 13, 2017

Lydia Ko

Bedminster, New Jersey

Q. Other than the last hole, not a lot of hiccups? Take us through it.
LYDIA KO: Yeah. I decided to chip and I just from off the green on 9, and then I ran a little bit by. When you have like a nine, ten-footer, they are not gimme par putts. So it was unfortunate that I finished with a bogey. Overall it was a really solid round.

Those times that I missed the greens, I was able to make up-and-down most of the time. Made a few good birdie putts. This is one of best rounds I've had to start off the U.S. Open, so I'll take this 68.

Q. Did the conditions change very much from the start of the round to when you finished with the heat and the humidity?
LYDIA KO: It was pretty the same all day. During the middle of that back nine we had a little more breeze than the rest of the holes. It was pretty calm, which is nice to be able to take advantage of that. The course plays a little longer, so when the wind blows it definitely plays a little differently. I tried to take advantage of that.

Q. When there are so many birdies to be had at a U.S. Open, do you feel like you have to take advantage of that?
LYDIA KO: When it is calm and you have those birdie opportunities, you try and grab those chances. But even though it was calm, they tucked some pin positions. It wasn't necessarily easy to make those birdies. When you get the chance during any round, you try and take advantage and opportunity of those. That is the key going forward this week.

Q. In the middle of the round, it seemed like you were losing some tee shots to the right?
LYDIA KO: I hit one right on the -- whatever that hole is up the hill, 4, 5, 6, one of those.

The next hole I thought it was straight downwind ended up being left to right wind. We me starting the ball right half of the fairway, it landed on the fairway but the wind kind of pushed it. That was why I didn't really think of it as that big of a mistake. And I was able to make a good and up-and-down there for par.

Especially during major championships, you have to stay patient and stay positive. Really focus on those points and not get too carried away about those bogeys, because it is very likely that you will make a couple along the way.

Q. How would you compare the way the USGA has set this compared to Olympia Fields?
LYDIA KO: I think it's a little different. The course is quite different. Olympia Fields they had undulation all around the greens. You couldn't get too crazy about the green speeds and the wind forecasted for that week.

I think no matter who sets the course up, I think it's just important that -- to kind of -- I guess think about the course conditions and the weather forecast and I think that PGA of America obviously did a great job there at Olympia Fields and the USGA has done a really good job so far.

Q. Shanshan played well today. How much does that help or motivate you playing alongside somebody who is also playing well?
LYDIA KO: I think she's one of the most consistent players on Tour. Her swing, her putting, everything, there's not a lot that can go wrong with it. When you are that type of player, always giving yourself as many opportunities as you can -- when I was playing with her, every birdie opportunity she had, she pretty much made 99 percent of them. That is why she was able to play so well. And it's great to be able to play alongside her, so I can feed off of her some holes.

I think we had a couple of holes where we all birdied, the whole group birdied. It's nice when you can get into that momentum.

Q. You switched putters?
LYDIA KO: It's the same model Bat Attack, but it has a different hosel. I like the way it sits on the ground. I don't really have to fiddle around with it when I'm at setup.

Q. What is it again?
LYDIA KO: It's the PXG Bat Attack.

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