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July 13, 2017

Ashleigh Buhai

Bedminster, New Jersey

Q. Solid round after a great tournament last week. Just a carryover.
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Yes, I think so. I just started off really steady. Wanted to make par. The greens were playing a lot firmer than they were in the practice rounds.

Compared to the practice round, we're hitting a few more shorter irons than I thought we would which would give some opportunities for birdies which is what you've seen a little bit but they were really quick and you had to make sure that your pace was really on.

Q. How were the conditions this morning?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: They were great. So good for scoring. You still had to play safe and smart golf. You weren't hitting tap-ins. You were having to hole 15-footers for birdies. But as long as you putted and hit the right side of the hole you could give yourself a chance.

Q. Were you finding there were a lot of chances out there?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: More than I thought there would be after my practice round but I think this afternoon the greens will firm up and the wind is picking up a little bit. As long as you make sure you leave it on the right side, the greens are so pure you can roll in 20-footers if you pick the correct line.

Q. Usually how is that juggling, usually you want it softer but you want it to roll real quick?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Yeah. So, I think overall the course is playing really good. There's enough release for it to trick up and for you to be cautious but I think it's playing really well at the moment. USGA has done a good job. So today I think most of the girls will be loving putting on these greens.

Q. You carried over the form from Sunday to today. How do you do it tomorrow?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: I got to keep doing what I'm doing. I'm hitting my irons really good and I feel this is really a second shot golf course. The fairways are pretty generous.

So, last week I was feeling great after it and I felt I played decent at the KPMG except the last round. I feel I've been playing decent and finally starting to show.

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