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May 11, 2005

Vijay Singh


Q. Are you getting the victory celebration down pretty good right now, on a roll?

VIJAY SINGH: I'm fine. That was last week. You know, had a pizza and went to sleep and woke up the next day and it was Monday. I just relaxed at home and got ready to get out here on Tuesday.

Q. A lot of pizzas already this year.

VIJAY SINGH: I don't eat pizza all the time, but when it's 11:00 o'clock and you're arriving at home, that's the only thing that's available.

Q. You've played here a lot. Are there a couple holes on this course you feel like you've really got to watch out for and do well if you're going to have success out here?

VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, I think, like at 17, you've got to be careful with 17. Then there's 11 is the other one.

Q. On this course?

VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, on this golf course. The 3rd is a very demanding golf hole off the tee there. You get around those holes well, I think you're going to do well. 15 is another one, and 14. That's a pretty demanding tee shot.

Q. Is 11 the fact that you've just got that water there, you can hit driver, you can hit iron, you can hit a variety of clubs?

VIJAY SINGH: I hit a driver today and it was perfect. Whether I do that tomorrow is another story. I didn't see the water today. I'm definitely going to see it tomorrow.

Q. Is it just wind?

VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, if it's left to right. Today was left to right down so you could actually take it out. If it comes into you, then it's a different story.

Q. Is there enough rough out there to make a difference?

VIJAY SINGH: Yeah. It's less than last year. And also, I played Cottonwood yesterday, if you miss the first -- they've got this new, what do you call, overseed, which is probably ten yards wide. If you miss that one you'll be okay hitting it into the Bermuda rough, which is pretty much nothing. It's hit and miss out there.

Q. Is your game better now than it was last year?

VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, that's what I said, yes.

Q. And could you give a second sentence, like in what ways it's better?

VIJAY SINGH: I'm a year older. I've gotten used to it (laughter).

No, I think I'm more consistent now. I've been doing the same things better than I did last year, just practicing a little bit more, doing the same things, and the more you do it, the more comfortable you get.

Q. You've won so many times since turning 40. Do you attribute most of that to your fitness, or are there other things that have played into that, swing-wise?

VIJAY SINGH: I would say fitness. Getting more stronger, and then you can do a lot more things with the golf swing, as well. Also, I guess, I'm just hitting it better. That's the bottom line. You still have to make good contact with the ball as your swing gets better. And I'm just more comfortable being in the 40s, I guess.

Q. You're starting to get close to Sam Snead there for wins. Does that do anything for you? Is that something you'd like to achieve?

VIJAY SINGH: It really does not matter. I'm never going to be like Sam Snead because he's won 80-odd events. I wouldn't be able to do that in two lifetimes. I think winning as many as he did in his 40s might be possible.

Q. The Tour is making a big deal about the Drive to a Billion Dollars for charity. This tournament has such a big impact. Talk about that.

VIJAY SINGH: I think the whole Tour and the players, they all support the charities we play for. We all have our own charities, but every week you go out there, you know each week the tournament gives a lot of money to charity, and that's what we're here for. We're here for making a living, at the same time helping the local charities. That's what we can do.

Q. This one has more so, puts more money into it than any of them.

VIJAY SINGH: That's true, and Drive to a Billion is really good, but each week there's a lot of charities out there that we're helping. That's what we're doing right now. This week is a big example of that.

Q. Does the strength of the field add any buzz to you this week, having all five of the Top 5 guys?

VIJAY SINGH: It does. I mean, I'm playing with Ernie tomorrow and that's the first time I've played with Ernie or the guys in the Top 5 all year, so I'm excited to play. I'm looking forward to it. I'll be more excited going out there tomorrow than I've been for a while. We'll just have to wait and see.

I want to perform well this week in this field, as well.

TODD BUDNICK: Thank you, Vijay.

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