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July 9, 2017

Jaye Marie Green

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. Obviously another great tournament for you. Talk about the week here.
JAYE MARIE GREEN: It was awesome. The first tournament that's been here. It was just great. The fans were great. A lot of people came out and just loved golf, so it was good.

Q. A lot of really, really impressive scores. What did you think about playing the course overall?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: It was a great course, especially like if there was no wind, it's really gettable, but when the wind is up, it definitely is a test.

Q. What about obviously moving forward now coming back here, are you excited to come back in the future?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Oh, for sure, yeah, I'll definitely come back the next years it's here, yeah.

Q. What about the support from everybody coming out this week and being here for this first tournament?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Oh, yeah, there was so many fans out, even for the practice rounds. Everyone loved the event. Everyone was excited for it, which made it even more fun to play.

Q. When you look back heading into next year, what was easy about it, what was hard about it? How do you practice for next year's tournament?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Easy part I guess would be you had like a lot of wedges in, but the hard part is you've got to get in the fairway for sure. If not you're going to have a hard time.

Q. So you finished 11-under?

Q. So obviously a pretty impressive score, and there's some 18, 20s. Are you impressed by how the field has done here?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Yeah. I mean, I kind of expected -- at the beginning of the week I said at least 20-under is going to win, so I didn't have a great day today, but you're just always learn from it.

Q. Are you going to go out and watch the rest or get something to eat?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Yeah, I head out tomorrow morning so I've got to pack up, and yeah, just going to go back and shower.

Q. Does this tournament help you moving forward for a major?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Yeah, definitely. It's always good to play before a major, but definitely, especially because the crowds are good, so it gives you a feel headed into a major.

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