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July 8, 2017

Davis Love III

White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

Q. Davis, I've seen you play a little golf this week, and I think the swing looks just fine. The tempo, ball striking. You hit a lot of really crisp irons, and I think lot of good putts perhaps just have not gone in.
DAVIS LOVE, III: Yeah, I didn't have the speed quite right today. I hit a couple really poor putts. Greens are getting faster. They're breaking a little bit more. There is a lot of subtle breaks in them. I misread a couple, miss-hit a couple, so wasn't quite as free with the putter as I was the first day.

Hitting the ball pretty well. Everybody is going to hit some bad shots. I've been hitting it pretty solid. If I can be patient with the putter and get some in I can have a chance tomorrow.

Q. Tied for fifth at the moment; you have 222 feet in putts this week. That's not very much for a person challenging to win. Did your son, Dru, give you a putting tip early in the week?
DAVIS LOVE, III: Yeah, Dru said I wasn't getting the putter lined up right with the ball. I was kind of setting up in the toe a little bit. So he helped me a little bit with that. Worked really well the first day.

Going to have to get him to help me out a little bit more tonight and get it going again. I'm putting decent. Not missing a whole lot of short putts, but also not making a whole lot of medium length ones.

Seems I either hit it a foot or two or I hit it twenty feet. Got to get more of those ten footers and get some of them in.

Q. You get in with a 68. Break down your round.
DAVIS LOVE, III: I didn't putt that great. Really didn't putt as well yesterday as I did the first day, and today was probably about the same. I just got to make some putts.

Hit the ball pretty well. Hit a lot closer to the hole and didn't get a whole a lot out of it. Keep hitting them in the fairway, on the green, and hopefully a few putts will drop tomorrow.

Q. There was a point on the back nine where you pulled within one of the lead. Start getting the competitive juices and the adrenaline pumping a bit?
DAVIS LOVE, III: Yeah, I know anybody really at double digits is probably still in the tournament. Maybe even less on this course. There are some low scores been shot on Sunday. I know there is a lot of guys in it, so just trying to grind it out and keep getting birdie putts.

I really didn't free it up that great with the putter. It seemed like even if I had a good look at it, the ball wasn't -- didn't look like it was going to go in.

I've got to get out there and do a little bit of putting tonight and free it up a little bit. Somebody is going to shoot a low score tomorrow to win it.

Q. Take us through the round. Safe to say the putter was the keyed today?
DAVIS LOVE, III: Yeah. I didn't make a whole lot of putts. I didn't save myself really anything with the putter. Made one nice putt at 2 and a couple short ones, but I didn't get the hot putter. I had the hot putt I the first day and kind of been average since.

I've got to keep hitting the ball well and make some putts tomorrow.

Q. Not keep bringing up your age, but how proud of yourself are you to continue to put forth the effort you've been putting forth?
DAVIS LOVE, III: I don't think much about age. I think I want to get out and compete. You know, there is a reason why I keep having surgery and coming back and doing the rehab and trying to play.

I think I can play out here. I watch Vijay go out there and pound balls and keep having a good finish here and there, keep making the 125. I want to keep doing that. I want to keep staying out here and competing.

I'm really blessed that with a lifetime exemption I don't have the pressure of trying to keep my card. I have the pressure of trying to stay competitive with these kids. Now my own kid is out here trying to play.

Just trying to hang in there. I feel like if I can make some putts I can still compete with them.

Q. (Regarding Sam Snead's record.)
DAVIS LOVE, III: Well, I'm happy to be in third or whatever I am and oldest. I'm not looking at that. I want to win. I want to move up FedEx points, I want to get in the Open Championship.

I had a lot of fun at the Masters last year. Working for CBS at the Masters this year was a shock. I would rather go back to the playing side there. So there is a lot to play for, not just this week, but for the whole rest of the season for me.

I'm going to stay after it.

Q. Do you look at your experience tomorrow as an advantage?
DAVIS LOVE, III: I think it can help, yeah. I think power in length and strength is going to be good tomorrow, too. And youth.

But, yeah, under the pressure I know how to handle things. I've seen some guys this week go up and down and make some rookie mistakes, including my son.

So hopefully I can avoid -- I'm going to make mistakes, too. Hopefully the experience will pay off.

Q. Talk about being 125. Is there any thought of Presidents Cup, making the team?
DAVIS LOVE, III: Yeah, if I win this week and play well at the Open. But I'm already on the team. I get to go with them at least. (Laughter.)

I don't think I'm impressing Stricker a whole lot right now though as one of his picks. He's probably looking at me for the captain part.

I would like to move up on everything, yeah. Be nice to play a couple really good weeks and get Steve thinking and get me thinking like I'm going to make the playoffs.

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