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September 24, 1995

Tom Gullikson

Pete Sampras


Q. What about Todd today, you guys, he came up pretty big for the team?

PETE SAMPRAS: Especially after what happened last year against the Swedes and not really playing his best tennis yesterday, for him to step up was a great effort. It really couldn't happen to a nicer guy who works hard. He is a class act. For him to beat him in straight sets is a hell of an effort and I am happy for him because he was really pretty disappointed with what happened last year and doubles, I am sure he would have had like to have been part of the clinch. But he stepped up and played some great tennis; certainly made my walking out on the court a little bit more relaxed; maybe a little bit too relaxed. But we got through it.

Q. Pete, how has it been being in Las Vegas with Andre; you are a pretty low key guy?

PETE SAMPRAS: It has been a different type of week because there is a lot to do in Vegas. We saw a show; did some gambling; had a good time, you know, it wasn't just, you know, "tennis, tennis, tennis," we had a lot of good times off the court. Obviously tennis is the main priority. But I certainly had a great time at the tables playing a little black jack. It was a fun week.

Q. Did you win or lose money?

PETE SAMPRAS: I won a little bit.

CAPTAIN GULLIKSON: It is not over yet.

PETE SAMPRAS: Still have one more night to play.

Q. You mentioned the fact that you were a little too relaxed going into the match. Was this a question of not focusing and then what turned it around?

PETE SAMPRAS: You know, I have always felt that a match like this one, you know, really shouldn't have to be played. I mean, if you look at every sport, where you have the United States Houston Rockets won it in four straight and it is over. Once you get to three it should be over and I understand that the fans want to see more tennis, but, you know, I believe that the matches, it's just like an exhibition, and, you know, in my mind, I'd rather not have to play. I mean, it has been a long summer, and it would have been nice to just have a nice relaxing afternoon. But I thought I played all right; especially the second and the third.

Q. Having Tim on the court that brief time, that feeling, what was it like?

CAPTAIN GULLIKSON: Well, I think just, it is Tim first outing since the Australian Open and he had a great week all-around and it was great having him here. That certainly made the Tie very special for me and I know for Pete as well. And it is great to see him out around the tennis and he is his old self, personalitywise, he is doing great. He has got a great attitude and he is going to do very well.

Q. Just, that time you had him on the court.

CAPTAIN GULLIKSON: Oh. I thought, since we are identical twins and since the match was over, I asked Bill Gilmore, the referee, if maybe Timmy could go out and sit with Pete a couple of games and then have a chat with Pete on the court and Bill said, yeah, that is fine, so I gave him my white hat hoping that no one would notice and although we were dressed a little differently normally -- we will probably get an irate call from my mother today saying we should have dressed alike because that is what she did for our first twelve years of our life until we got old enough to voice an opinion. But it was a very special thing and I know Tim had some fun and I know Pete and I enjoyed that as well.

Q. Tom, the decision to go with Todd, was that made thinking about what happened with Pete last year?

CAPTAIN GULLIKSON: You mean the doubles decision?

Q. No, singles.

CAPTAIN GULLIKSON: Certainly, Pete is healthy this year and we are all very pleased that he has got his health back after what happened to him last year, you know, out all summer and got hurt against Holland, actually got hurt a little bit at Wimbledon and it continued in Holland to get worse and Sweden, hurting himself in the match with Larsson. So we knew this would be a very difficult match, but, you know, Andre and Pete both had a very long summer. They both played some great tennis and I think any time you can have one extremely strong singles player like a Todd Martin in your doubles, it is just like buying insurance at the black jack table. It can't hurt you.

PETE SAMPRAS: You never take insurance at the black jack table.

CAPTAIN GULLIKSON: That is why I am losing, okay. You know, Todd, you know, like Pete said, would have loved to have clinched it yesterday, but getting the opportunity to play, he prepared himself so well, you know, yesterday afternoon, when we found out about Andre's injury, and the potential for him not to play, you know, Todd started mentally preparing and I told him to pretend like he was playing today and he did a great job. So like -- I don't think I could be happier for anybody than Todd Martin because he is a quality guy. He makes himself available for Davis Cup every time. It is a big priority in his schedule, and like all our guys, he is just a terrific representative of the team and the country, so I couldn't be happier.

Q. Tom, I know you have some celebrating to do first, but could you look ahead a little bit to Russia and maybe team selection on possible clay or mud whatever they ---

CAPTAIN GULLIKSON: Well, we will give it the night off, but, you know, it is hard to look past the guys that got us to the final right here, so certainly if they are willing to do it one more time, you know, I would be certainly willing to make the call, but, you know, Andre and Pete and Todd did a great job this week and, you know, Moscow is a long cold way away, but we will relax tonight and then we will rebound tomorrow.

Q. Would you consider Courier or more of a clay court player to add to the mix?

CAPTAIN GULLIKSON: Sure. We will consider all the options. You know, we need four guys to make up the team and we will get four good guys, for sure. We will be ready for that clay indoors or whatever it is, ice, maybe.

Q. Pete, do you want to play that match?

PETE SAMPRAS: Well, pretty much made myself available ever since Palermo to play here and play the final, so it is something Tom, what he wants to do.

CAPTAIN GULLIKSON: Let me think about that.

PETE SAMPRAS: I think my personal opinion is that I think they are going to put it on clay. And we have some pretty good clay court players on the squad, so, but we are not going to think about it too much tonight. I will be thinking about 21 and enjoying this victory.

Q. Pete, would you go just to play doubles if Tom decided to go with another couple of guys on clay?

PETE SAMPRAS: That is a tough, tough question. I don't know. I don't know what I'd do.

CAPTAIN GULLIKSON: All I can say is the guy won two Grand Slams this year.

PETE SAMPRAS: It wasn't on clay, though.

CAPTAIN GULLIKSON: Oh, really? I thought it was the French - sorry.

PAGE CROSLAND: Thank you very much.

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