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July 7, 2017

Ryan Fox

Portstewart, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Q. What's been the secret to success so far?
RYAN FOX: Holing some putts to be honest. I seen three or four over 30 foot go in, and made pretty much everything inside ten foot, which is nice. I hit a lot of good shots out there and rode my luck a little bit when I missed one. Thankfully there's been enough people out here to trample down the rough and you get some better lies than you did Monday and Tuesday. So enjoying it so far.

Q. Terrific final round in France that took you up to sixth place. Is this building on the confidence you gained there?
RYAN FOX: Yeah, I guess last week took a little bit of pressure off the rest of the season. It was by par my biggest pay cheque as a professional.

Yeah, I played really nice the whole week in France. I sort of struggled a little bit this year, so nice to take the confidence from that and be able to free wheel it a little bit more this week. I guess it showed in the scores.

Q. Came through The Challenge Tour last year having just narrowly missed out the year before. Now as you say, with that big cheque, your license is safe for next year. Does that mean you can just relax now and go for it and really enjoy playing on The European Tour?
RYAN FOX: Yeah, early in the year, I felt the pressure a little bit in the third or fourth rounds, and second rounds, as well, trying to make some cuts. I don't know what happened last week. I guess my coach was up the week before. We did some good work and everything kind of clicked.

And as you said, it takes the pressure off for the rest of the years and I guess it makes everything just a little bit easier. If you miss a cut, you don't worry so much. You hit a bad shot, it doesn't matter so much. I guess that's how I played on Challenge Tour last year and it worked really well and nice to be able to do it this year as well.

Q. Your father, Grant Fox, a legendary New Zealand rugby player for the All Blacks. Obviously a massive game tomorrow and you've now got a tee time that's late. You'll get up much early I'm sure. What do you think about that?
RYAN FOX: Yeah, I'm very happy I get to watch it. I missed out on the last half an hour last week and didn't see any of the first test. I'm going to be a bit buy asked here and think the Lions might have poked the Bear a little bit. The All Blacks are generally pretty good about fronting up after they have been beaten and Eden Park is their fortress. I'm hoping for an All Blacks win tomorrow. I might be the only one hoping that but I'll be wearing my All Blacks jersey for sure.

Q. What's been the key?
RYAN FOX: Just holing some putts to be honest. I struggled with that most of the year and I guess found the greens pretty easy to read. Nice holing speed and I think I holed 3- or 4-over 30 foot in the first two days and most of my putts inside ten foot and that helps a lot. Obviously there's been some good shots in there, as well.

Q. You've already won in Northern Ireland The Challenge Tour. Can you do it again on The European Tour?
RYAN FOX: Might be a little harder. There's some fairly good players here this week. But Northern Ireland was good to me last year. It was the first time I've been here and managed to win at Galgorm Castle. I love the place. Maybe not the weather so much, but we've got a fantastic golf course this week, and looking forward to giving it a run on the weekend.

Q. Other players will be looking forward to watching the lines match tomorrow, and I know you are as the son of a former All Blacks legend. Was rugby ever a career option for you?
RYAN FOX: I wouldn't say a career option but I played it for probably 13 years all the way through school. Played First 15 Rugby at school and I wouldn't say I was great at it but I was good enough to play First 15 Rugby. Always enjoyed it but unfortunately I guess golf took -- well, fortunately golf took over for me and I'm not regretting that decision at the moment.

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