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July 7, 2017

Padraig Harrington

Portstewart, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Q. PƔdraig, 7-under par, halfway total. How do you assess today's round?
PƁDRAIG HARRINGTON: Same as yesterday. Kind of average. You know, I got a really bad start, hit first putt six feet short and it kind of threw me. That unsettled me. You want to get some momentum going. Even though I made some birdies after that, I never felt like I was ahead of the game for sure all day. I was just hanging in there.

Disappointing to miss the short one on the last. I hit a great putt, but, you know, I need a big weekend obviously. As I said, just keep playing the way I am and wait for things to happen.

Q. Seemed to be a bit of everything out there. How would you sum up your day?
PƁDRAIG HARRINGTON: Played average. Kind of scored average. Didn't get off to a great start. Missed the putt on the first hole. Got the pace wrong on the green. Hit a lovely putt and I was well out and that kind of threw me a bit. The rest of the day I just seemed to be a little bit trying to play catch up.

You want to make some birdies out there to get ahead of the game, because there is a lot of birdies to be made. You are trying to stay patient but you always have an eye on under par and to do that you have to make some birdies. I wasn't quite that way today -- 4-under, with three to play, I know they are tough holes. Missing the short putt on the last, it's a little bit of a disappointing finish. As I said a little bit outside my control. Like I hit a good putt on the last.

Q. It's been fun to watch a lot of you playing on some unusual places on Portstewart. How have you found the course?
PƁDRAIG HARRINGTON: The golf course is very nice to play. Some interesting doglegs. That's why you might see some wild and woolly tee shots, because you feel like you're going to drive through if you hit it straight, so you're trying to cut across the dogleg but you're on the limb cutting the dogleg. And if you miss that, it looks like you're way off-line when you're not.

So it is a little bit like that at times, especially those big sand dunes, you're skimming across corners, and if you get it right, you look like a hero and if you get it wrong, you do look foolish.

Q. Scrambling and patience going to be key over the weekend.
PƁDRAIG HARRINGTON: I don't think so. 13-under par, somebody is going to have to play well and hole putts. The guy scrambling for pars out there -- this is definitely, you've got a lot of wedge shots out there. You want to make some birdies and some eagles. It's not about a scrambling weekend.

Six shots is a lot to make up. I like where my game is at. I continue to play the same way I played the first two days, and if I play the exact same and just get a bit of momentum, a few breaks in there, I'll turn those 68, 69s into 65s.

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