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July 6, 2017

Cheng-Tsung Pan

White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

Q. C.T., what a beautiful round of golf. 5-under, bogey-free. Take me through some of the highlights.
C.T. PAN: Boy, let me think. (Laughter.)

Q. To begin with, only one birdie on your opening nine and then you made four coming in.
C.T. PAN: That's right, yeah. I think the whole round had it going. Hit a lot of fairways and hit a lot of greens; gave myself a lot of chances.

My putting was hot, too. All the putts were close too, except couple ones in the front nine. Back nine they all decided to go in, so why not?

Q. 11 fairways; 16 of 18 greens.
C.T. PAN: Yeah, that a good stat and I want to keep it going. I really like my game right now. I want to continue executing the shots that I want.

So looking forward to it.

Q. For shooting 5-under par you didn't have a lot of feet-in putts. Only made 72 feet worth of putts; 90 is a really good day. That's making a lot of putts close to the flag still.
C.T. PAN: Yeah, like I said earlier, I hit a lot of greens and those were -- I hit a lot of good putts and just barely out of hole. So, I mean, I feel I had it going for a while and just the ball couldn't drop until the back nine.

Q. How did you find the golf course with the redo and the new greens?
C.T. PAN: I've never played the old one, but the new one is great. The condition's great. Greens are really good, firm. And after the rain, too, really solid, firm, and fast.

Q. C.T, great opening round.
C.T. PAN: Hit a lot of good shots out there. Hit a lot of the fairways and hit like 16 of 18 greens. That's a really good stat for me. Obviously gave myself a lot of birdie opportunities, and just finally drained like four, five on the back nine and kept it going.

Q. Just get some comments on your day.
C.T. PAN: It was a great day. I play solid all day and I hit a lot of greens. Hit a lot of fairways and greens and give myself a lot of good birdie opportunities.

Front nine, I mean my putts were close, really close, touching the edges, but they didn't want to go in I guess. Until the back nine they decided to go in and kept it going.

Q. In the weeks where you've been in contention, done really well, had some top 10s, what is it about that when you get in the mix you can really feel it going, I guess?
C.T. PAN: Well, you know, just want to keep momentum going, I guess. It's something you (indiscernible) for and you strive for actually. Obviously I want to play my best out there. I feel the course fits my eyes really well, so that help me a lot.

Q. A lot of low numbers out there this morning.
C.T. PAN: Yeah, obviously with rain day last couple days and greens were kind of soft. (Indiscernible.)

Q. Are you happy with your consistency? Three Top 10s; doing pretty well in the FedExCup.
C.T. PAN: Yeah, I mean, this is my first year. No complaints. Obviously I want to do better and play my best.

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