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July 6, 2017

Graham Deleat

White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

Q. I know it's always different for the observer than the player, to me it looked like a pretty much stress-free round out there.
GRAHAM DeLEAT: Yeah, that's kind of exactly what it was. I had to make maybe a five-, six-footer on 10 to save far. Other than that, seemed like there were all just kind of tap-ins. Made three in a row on 11, 12, 13; some good looks on 14, 15.

I was telling George the only thing I really felt I left out there is I didn't get 17. I only had 270 front edge there. I missed in the wrong spot.

But it was a good day.

Q. Five top 10s already this year. Only thing missing from your resume is that win. Is that something that weighs on your mind or you just keep putting one foot in front of the other and let the birdies rack up and you'll walk into it eventually?
GRAHAM DeLEAT: Yeah, I hope so. We still got 54 holes, so it's a long ways from thinking about winning the golf tournament. It's obviously a good start, but I would love to get the monkey off my back. That's for sure. I feel like maybe once I got one I can start kind of rolling in -- you know, at least when I'm in contention feel that confidence that I know I can close.

I know it's in there. It just hasn't really happened yet. The more times you're there and it doesn't happen it frustrates you for sure, but I am playing well right now and just hope I can keep it going.

Q. Presidents Cup on the horizon; 230 right now on the international team standings. I know you want to be at Liberty National.
GRAHAM DeLEAT: I would love to be on that his team. I played well when we had the Barclays there a few years back. I would love to play for Captain Price. He's one of the best guys.

I missed out a couple years ago. You know, it was one of the funnest weeks of my life, and I would really love to be on that team. That's for sure.

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