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July 2, 2017

Lexi Thompson

Olympia Fields, Illinois

Q. How would you sum up your day?
LEXI THOMPSON: It went well. I had a good front nine there. Had a bad stretch of holes. The back nine, I think I honestly got really tired. I don't really know what hit me. Overall the whole week, I played very well. Just missed a few putts that I needed to make, and kind of my wedges let me down a little bit.

Q. In general, it seemed like the back nine was playing harder. Is there anything specific that stuck out to you?
LEXI THOMPSON: I feel like a lot more pins were tucked on the back nine. It was harder to get close to them and then you try to get a little risky with them and then you short-side yourself like I did on a few of those holes and leave yourself in bad positions.

It's the back nine of a major final day. Kind of gets to you mentally.

Q. I saw the autograph demands when you were finishing up. How did the atmosphere here compare to other events?
LEXI THOMPSON: Oh, it was amazing. You know, unfortunately the fans are way over there, so we have to sign our score cards -- or we aren't able to sign as many autographs as I would like to. I would stay there all day.

But it is great to see, especially all the little kids out here supporting us. That's what we want to see, grow the game and give back. I tried to sign as many as I could before I had to sign my scorecard.

Q. Is this a course you'd like to come back some day and just play for kicks?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, of course. I love the golf course. There's a few tricky holes. It's all just about placement out there. But I really liked it. It's in great shape for us. Hopefully, come back for just a fun round.

Q. Coming off a major, what's your outlook?
LEXI THOMPSON: We all play for majors coming into the year, trying to get our game as ready as we possibly can for every major we tee it up in. I have a week off, and then I'll be playing the U.S. Women's Open. I have five, six days before I leave for that. So just going to go home, relax a bit, work on my putting and my wedge game and get it all fine tuned for the U.S. Women's Open.

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