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July 2, 2017

Tom Lehman

Peabody, Massachusetts

Q. Felt good to finish 18 with a birdie, right?
TOM LEHMAN: Always nice to finish the last, yeah. It was a grind out there, tough day. I felt the last two days were difficult with the wind gusting the way it was. The greens were quicker today. So you really had to go out and play an absolutely flawless round.

Didn't have a chance of catching those two guys out there ahead. I think Kenny's a couple under par today. Anything under par with that kind of lead is going to be almost impossible to catch. I was 3 under for a while, and kind of fell prey to getting too aggressive and made a couple bogeys.

Overall, a great week, fantastic golf course, tremendous championship. I think this is really the perfect kind of course for the Champions Tour to play. It's sensational. The membership was superb. The city of Boston is the best.

My hat's off to Kenny Perry and to Kirk Triplett for both playing such amazing golf.

Q. What about the 16 number, does it kind of startle you?
TOM LEHMAN: I don't think you would have guessed that at start of the week, especially the way the wind blew the last couple days, three days maybe. We played in the morning on Friday. It blew pretty good then too. I really feel like you shoot 1, 2, 3 under par every day, you played quite well. To shoot four days 4 under is really pretty spectacular.

But that's Kenny Perry. That's the kind of player he's always been. When he gets going, he really gets going. He makes a lot of putts. He hits it so long that he shortens up every golf course that he plays. Therefore, if putter is working, he's going to make a lot of birdies.

Q. You mentioned being aggressive at 9.
TOM LEHMAN: Well, as for aggressive at 9, I hit a poor tee shot into the rough and caught a horrendous lie, and I really couldn't get my club on it. So I was happy to make a bogey there.

But on the 11th hole, which I made a par on, I tried to get aggressive with a 5 iron, and I hit over the back right. The next hole, pitching wedge to the front right pin, trying to get it in there close, and it hit the very crest and came back in the bunker. I made a bogey.

Those were all kind of shots where, if it were the first three rounds, you'd be aiming past the hole or just short of the hole somewhere just so you knew you would make a par. But when you're in a situation where you have to make birdies, you start getting more aggressive, and this course does make you pay.

Q. Usually such a different week, U.S. Open. When you play well here, play well in one, how much do you pull going forward? What can you pull out of it?
TOM LEHMAN: I think a lot of times, it's more about what you need to improve on. I came in here, played good golf. 8 under par, I think, is excellent, excellent golf. Drove the ball great. Did a lot of things very well.

But there's some weaknesses in my game that I really, if I can improve on those, I can tighten it up and save myself some shots.

So that's what I kind of take out of weeks like this is just where are you letting your shots get away and what can you do to improve on it?

Q. Tom, would you like to see the Champions Tour come back to the area?
A. I'd love to play here every year, if we could. I think it's an amazing city and a great sports town. Just going all the way back for me to the Ryder Cup at Brookline, there's this -- even to this day, when I go to dinner downtown, the golf fans all recognize me, and they come over and shake hands and get pictures.

It's just that kind of a place. I love it. I just think it's a great energy in this city, and I'd love to be back more often.

Q. Did you get over there to the country club?
TOM LEHMAN: I haven't been there, no. Got to kind of keep it in my memory the way it was, and it's probably better. It gets better by the year, you know?

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