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July 1, 2017

Bernhard Langer

Peabody, Massachusetts

Q. What was it like for you out there today?
BERNHARD LANGER: I got off to a rough start. Played the 1st hole nicely, hit two really good shots.

(Alarm ringing.)

Q. That's the kind of day it is.
BERNHARD LANGER: Yeah, that's how my start was. Anyway, had a birdie putt, didn't make it. Then hit a bad tee shot, then hit a couple of bad wedges and two or three lip-outs with putts. So all in all, I was 4 over par at that point. Kind of clawed my way back a little bit the last few holes.

Q. Obviously, you're going for your third straight Major. Are you disappointed?
BERNHARD LANGER: Yeah, disappointed that I didn't get it going today. It was really difficult with the gusty winds. It was tough. Just one minute it's blowing 25. The next minute, it was blowing 5 or 10. So it's just difficult.

I just couldn't adjust. The greens were a little bit slower, a little bit more wiggly because of the rain, I guess, that we had yesterday. Left a couple putts short and just got off to a bad start, 3 over after four, I think, and just shook me up a little bit. Don't know when I've been 3 over par for a few holes. It's been a while, thank goodness.

But eventually, got into my rhythm again and started playing a lot better the last, whatever, 10, 12 holes.

Q. Do you hear much from fans who saw you at Belmont and --
BERNHARD LANGER: Yeah, there were a lot of great fans out there cheering me on. Really felt like I had a lot of support. It was fantastic. People are great here.

Q. One last thing. Despite the wind, what would you say about the two leaders there at 15 under?
BERNHARD LANGER: It's phenomenal how they play. I guess they're just egging each other on or whatever you want to call it. Just that's what happens. It happens a lot in golf and maybe in other sports too. When somebody's playing real good, the other one gets dragged along or is pushed along and feeds off it, and they're playing for birdies. They're not protecting the lead because they know there's someone right there.

If one of them was 15 and the next one was 9, he may be playing a bit more cautious, but since there's two of them, they're just going to continue playing aggressive and great golf.

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