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July 1, 2017

Andy Sullivan

Paris, France

Q. On the par 4, needed something really good to get in the mix. How does it feel to get it?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Didn't play that great to start the front nine. Just scrambling a little bit, just being patient and then sort of start the back nine, really got going, a couple of birdies, felt like I was back in the tournament. Gave myself a lot of chances coming in.

It's really positive and it's just nice to come back to somewhere where I've played well previously and get back on the right side of the leaderboard. I know this year has not been what I wanted. I've played like a doughnut to start the year with, but it's getting back now and it's good.

Q. You mentioned your form on this course, fifth and sixth the last two years. What is it about this place that suits you so well?
ANDY SULLIVAN: I think you have to be so attentive on this golf course and really be on it all the type. I think sometimes I tend to get a bit lackadaisical on the golf course and not get into the shot as much. Where around here, you've got to be on it. You've got to hit every golf shot exactly where you want it otherwise you end you making doubles and all sorts. My pre-shot routine and mentally have been very good this week. Going forward, definitely need to look at them areas.

Q. At the Shell Houston Open, you finished 15th there and said you were feeling confident; why has it not quite converted to results?
ANDY SULLIVAN: You know, it's weird. It started great on the range and just not took it to the golf course. Felt good like you said at the Shell Houston and the Masters. Felt like my game was in really good shape and just not quite took it forward into Europe.

So like I said, it's nice to feel normal again back out on the golf course and go for my shots and trying to go for the flags again.

Overall really, really happy to be in contention again mainly. Nice to have them feelings coming down the stretch today. Hopefully tomorrow that will put me in good stead for tomorrow and have a go at it.

Q. Not too many dropped shots this week. What is it about this golf course, having performed well the last two years, that seems to suit your game?
ANDY SULLIVAN: You know, I think it's a driver-of-the-ball's golf course, and I drive the ball pretty well. So I think it gives me a lot of confidence when I get the ball in the fairway.

I feel like I can really score around here and like I said, the other thing, like I said on Thursday, I never feel like this place, the scoring is going to get too far away from you, so you can afford to be a bit patient out there. You don't have to try to force your way into it.

Sometimes when you play other golf course, it's 10-under, 9-under after two rounds, so you're having to try and push a little bit harder. I find on this golf course my patience is really good and I can be that little bit more patient and have a go at it when I get a right number or something like that.

Q. Was there a feeling that Sweden could be a little bit of a turning point, and some big events coming up over the next few weeks.
ANDY SULLIVAN: Definitely, I felt like my game has been coming for a long time. I said to Tim, my game's felt good on the range and it's getting close. It's just putting it into practise on the golf course. It's nice to come back to somewhere where you've played well previously, and obviously gives me a little bit more confidence. I would say today on the golf course for the first time in a long time I felt really comfortable and in control of the golf ball.

Q. Two years since your last win. About due another one?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Definitely, I'd like to crown it off this week. It would be fantastic.

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