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June 30, 2017

Michelle Wie West

Olympia Fields, Illinois

Q. The last few holes, you played pretty well, but you couldn't get the birdie putts to drop but then you made that chip-in for birdie.
MICHELLE WIE: I know, that was it all day. I did not know putts could lip out at some speeds that I was hitting it. I hit some great putts. Just, you know, didn't go in. You have those days. But I'm excited for the weekend.

Q. Tell us about the chip-in. Did you see on the way it was going to be close?
MICHELLE WIE: Yeah, I hit it in the left bunker and then I kind of hit the lip of the bunker and then I hit the wood in and I pulled the wood and I was in a situation where I didn't want to be in. I kind of hit a flop shot and kind of worked out perfectly.

Q. How far were you on that?
MICHELLE WIE: I was way left of the green. So I don't know, I was like 20 yards left.

Q. And you changed clubs with your second shot on 9. What were you between?
MICHELLE WIE: I just had a really bad lie. You know, just wanted to make sure I got it out there.

Q. What did you hit? You can't remember?
MICHELLE WIE: I hit an 11-wood. (Laughter).

Q. Is this the first time you've ever had an 11-wood in the bag?
MICHELLE WIE: I love it.

Q. What do you love about it?
MICHELLE WIE: It's so easy to hit. It's easy to hit than a played 5-iron, let me tell you that.

Q. How far do you carry?
MICHELLE WIE: Same as my 5-iron.

Q. Which is?

Q. And despite the bogey on 9, your position, what do you think?
MICHELLE WIE: Yeah, I played great today. I just missed so many putts. It was one of those days where I could have shot 63 easily. But I played myself in good position and I'm just going to try my hardest this weekend.

Q. Your buddy, Danielle Kang, is having a good tournament.
MICHELLE WIE: Yeah, I saw that.

Q. Can you talk about how she's been playing of late?
MICHELLE WIE: Yeah, she's playing great. I think she's been striking the ball really solidly. She's always been a solid putter, and you know, she just believes in herself. It was fun to watch her on TV this morning. It gave me some motivation this afternoon. I was trying to make some birdies coming in to try to get paired with her. Fell short a little bit, but hopefully on Sunday.

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