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June 30, 2017

Brooke Henderson

Olympia Fields, Illinois

Q. I thought you did a great job of adjusting to the changing conditions after the rain delay, because it looked like the greens slowed down and your putter just caught fire.
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, for sure. It was a lot different than it was yesterday. The balls are holding. No wind; I couldn't carry some bunkers today with my driver. The fairways were holding, as well, and the greens slowed down, like you said. It was a different golf course out there today.

But it was nice not having the wind swirling around all the time, and like you said, I made a lot of putts to keep myself in it today. Then made one or two putts when I really needed it to get me under par. So great day overall.

Q. What did you have in on 18 to set up the eagle?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I hit my hybrid, so it was like 197 pin and I was just trying to land it over the front, which I did, and was able to knock it in.

Q. Ten feet?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, it was nine feet.

Q. Is 18 you think a really important hole because it's so scorable?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Absolutely. And it kind of gives you a little bit of confidence, because coming through 17, you tend to lose a lot of it. Then you know that you have a chance to get one stroke back or hopefully two if you play it right.

Q. But does that mean 17, like a par there, just feels even better?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, you know, 17 is a really tough hole. And I haven't played it quite right yet. Yesterday wasn't a great tee shot. Hopefully tomorrow I can get that tee shot on the green. Then it's not necessarily an easy 2-putt, but you're looking better for par, if you can just at least hit the green there.

Q. Got to like where you sit, 2-under today, get yourself near the lead going into the weekend of a major championship.
BROOKE HENDERSON: It's been a great last two days. I would have liked to have seen one or two of those putts fall on 8 and 9 there, but I gave myself great opportunities, and that's all you can do around here. So hopefully my putter stays hot and keeps me in it over the next two days, and hopefully I have a chance on Sunday.

Q. Now you're ready for whatever conditions Olympia Fields presents; you've seen it all pretty much the first two days.
BROOKE HENDERSON: For sure. I was glad to see that storm pass and it became beautiful outside. Hopefully it will be two good days and hopefully the wind won't be too strong.

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