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June 30, 2017

Lydia Ko

Olympia Fields, Illinois

Q. Not your best?
LYDIA KO: No. But I had long sleeves on this morning, too. That was even worse. Going downhill. I had pants and long sleeves this morning, and Jessica Korda was like, it's hot. Now it's all gone wrong. Apart from the shoes, it's all gone wrong. It was a lot steamier than I thought it would be today.

Q. Other than that, did you enjoy it out there?
LYDIA KO: Yeah, it was good. All of us played better today than yesterday. So I think we were in a better momentum.

We got finished before that dark clouds there, which is always good. Yeah, it was solid. I hit a few bogeys during the middle of my round, which was a little bit disappointing, but I was able to fight back with a few birdies coming in.

Yeah, overall it was solid.

Q. You started working with a new putting coach?
LYDIA KO: Yeah, Gareth.

Q. I know he works with some other players. How did that come about?
LYDIA KO: I knew Gareth worked with Jane, who is Pete's wife, and then he works with a few other players like Ariya and Moriya and a few other girls. I heard very positive things about him.

We didn't do like major technical things. It's just doing drills like speed work. I felt like it helped me a lot and that was probably one of the bet putting weeks I had overall in a while. That's why going forward now, we've been spending a bit more time and I think it's been good. No matter how many putts I hole or not, it's just about me being confident and being able to put good strokes on it. It hopefully this will be able to keep going on and build me more confidence.

Q. How is it working with Pete, and do you think he's going to stick?
LYDIA KO: Yeah, he's got a very positive attitude. So even if I get a little disappointed, he says, hey, come on, chip that in, or make that putt, we can make a birdie on the next hole.

He always keeps me positive and I think that's really good to have somebody like that; that no matter how good or bad you're playing, they are able to say, come on, you can do it.

Q. How do you like this golf course? Do you feel like it sets up for your game a little bit?
LYDIA KO: It's really nice and it's in really good condition. Even though we had pretty big rains last night, the course was dried out pretty good. You know, it's held other major championships and championships, so it's already proven to be a fantastic golf course, and we're just trying to play the best we can on it.

Q. How about Chicago, as a semi-regular stop now. Obviously this event will be at Kemper Lakes next year. What do you think about that?
LYDIA KO: I think it's great. There's a lot of sports going on here and exciting with some concerts going around, too. It's a major city. I haven't been in Chicago that many times, but I've enjoyed it so far. It will be great on the weekend for more people to come out and watch us play.

Q. Did anybody go to the Tom Petty concert that you heard of?
LYDIA KO: No, I didn't. But I'm not sure.

Q. Generally about your putting, how do you feel about it overall right now, and has it been kind of like the last piece you're waiting to come together?
LYDIA KO: It's good to see that the game is coming together piece by piece. I just haven't had a lot of weeks where everything's kind of come together; where that has happened probably the last couple days in Hawai'i and that's where I had my best finish.

Yeah, just to be more consistent in putting is probably most important. Sometimes you're not going to hit the ball as good but if you're putting well, that can help you out. So I'm trying to get more consistent in that. But I know that when my speed's consistent, that's when I play the best. So I'm trying to work a lot on the speed so that the line, it kind of works itself out when I have the speed right.

Q. So the same grip --
LYDIA KO: The putter is the same. The same PXG Bat Attack.

Q. You talked earlier this year about simplifying a number of things in your golf swing. How does your golf swing feel right now?
LYDIA KO: I feel pretty comfortable. Obviously there are a few things in the swing that still needs to get better, and being on the road, it is tougher to get better and better and better. But that's what it's like being on Tour, just being able to maintain it. It's just about being consistent. Gary is not going to be with me every single week, so I know that I've just got to know my swing a little bit better, and if I do have the misses, try to be able to control them.

Q. How nice to beat these dark clouds?
LYDIA KO: It's getting darker, but it's kind of cloud cover, so it's not as hot. So it's okay for me. But hopefully it stays away and doesn't affect the afternoon fields, too.

Q. Who else have you worked with on putting?
LYDIA KO: I've worked with Dave Stockton before.

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