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June 30, 2017

Kelly Shon

Olympia Fields, Illinois

Q. Can you take us through your birdies and eagle?
KELLY SHON: The first one was pure look, a 90-footer. I couldn't see the hole and thought maybe it was going to go way past, but it just dropped. It was dead center with perfect pace. But just pure luck there.

The second time around, that eagle was just a big, swinging right-to-left putt, and I don't know why, I just felt like I was going to make it. I was lucky it did go in.

For the other birdies, I felt like I had a range of short ones and long putts that just made its way to the hole. And today, unlike yesterday, I just had good numbers into the greens. I think that was the key for the round today. It was easy picking out clubs, whereas yesterday I felt like I was in between clubs, all day, which is tough especially yesterday when the wind was there and the greens were firmer than it played today.

Q. And where does the 63 fall in your personal best?
KELLY SHON: Best by two shots in tournament rounds.

Q. Great round today. Can you just talk about how satisfying it is to join the likes of a Patty Sheehan, Meg Mallon, Rickie Fowler and Vijay Singh, and not only to have the low round of your career but to do it in a major championship?
KELLY SHON: It's incredible. I'm really honored by joining those names. I wish I had known that I could have beat all of them by one shot -- I'm just kidding.

Yeah, I'm just really honored to be amongst those names. Especially in a major, like you said.

Q. You said a little bit earlier that you were pretty angry at the end. What did you mean by that; that you were embarrassed? Did you do something, or --
KELLY SHON: I just didn't carry myself the way I want to present myself yesterday. I got mad at my caddie. It was not his fault. I got mad at all sorts of stuff, and the fault was all mine.

So I'm just kind of disappointed in myself after yesterday -- and yesterday, in that short time between last night when we finished and this morning when we got started, my best friend asked me to make a promise that I would just -- even if I get frustrated, that I just wouldn't show it. And actually those first couple holes, if it was yesterday, if we had continued, I probably would have continued displaying the same kind of embarrassing behavior.

But I just kind of kept in it and I made some really great up-and-downs early in my round prior to the eagle. And so I have my best friend to thank for that.

Q. Who is your best friend? Is she a golfer?
KELLY SHON: He is not a golfer.

Q. I would gather that when you left the course last night, you may have been worried about making the cut. When did that go away this morning, if it was ever in your mind, and now what are you thinking going into the final 36 holes?
KELLY SHON: I think it's safe to say I was worried about making the cut making the turn yesterday. And when you're at 8-over par, even at a major, you're kind of thinking, you know, well, that kind of passed you by.

This morning, it's just strange, because when I made that eagle putt, that 90-footer, my caddie said to me, "I had a feeling you were going to make it. I had a feeling if you made it, you were going to make the cut."

I don't know if I believe in jinxes and superstitions and stuff, but, I don't know, he's 1-for-1.

Q. Given what happened today, will you continue the aggressive play all weekend?
KELLY SHON: I think it depends on the conditions. Like I said, because we had some rain overnight and the wind had died down, it allowed me to do what I did today. But if the conditions were like yesterday when I started the round, I don't think I could have fired at those pins.

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