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June 30, 2017

Tommy Fleetwood

Paris, France

Q. Obviously very frustrating with a couple-hour rain delay, but you managed to get out and get the job done unscathed. Another great round from you.
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, it's always quite tricky when you have to go back out. It was a shame because I was in -- I felt like I had a lovely rhythm again today. So you don't want to come in. But it was fine. At least we got to finish. It's nice to finish this evening than getting up early tomorrow morning and coming back and having to wait if I finished all right.

The last two holes, 17, 18, are a couple of tough holes. A couple of pars there is a nice end to the day really.

Q. Great tee shot on 11 which set you up for a birdie on the par 3, and that putt on the last was from a long way out but not too far away.
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, 11, great shot, perfect club, really and I was swinging it well, so I felt quite confident with that. It was a lovely pin. I hit a lot of good shots again. Nice playing like that when you're doing that, and I didn't want to come in.

The putt on the last, such a tough second shot. Doesn't matter whether there's wind, how close you are, where you are, it just seems like it's such a hard shot visually. The green looks so small from where you are, and it's hard to pick a line out. So yeah, anywhere on the green is fine and you have to accept that. It was a long putt.

Actually for some reason, I fancied that putt. I don't know why. It was about a hundred foot but there was something about it that I just kind of liked. But good to get down in two and finish the day, yes.

Q. Your greens in regulation stats are fantastic this season and around this course that's just what you need.
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, as long as I keep it up. Again, I've had two rounds hitting it well. Very rarely been out of position. Yeah, I think that is -- I think the course, if you don't hit it well, you're going to struggle, basically. That's basically the gist of the game in general, but particularly around here.

The rough's not as thick as it has been. Maybe now it's a bit wetter, it will play tougher. But definitely once you start missing fairways, it's very hard to control your ball and very hard to get on the greens and it's all luck depending on the lie.

Fortunately for me, I drove it well for two days and I've hit my irons well and I've been in control of my swing and my ball. I mean, yeah, my strength is ball-striking in general. Hopefully for two more days, I can keep it up.

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