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November 16, 1995

Pete Sampras


Q. Pete, did you know before the match that if you lost two sets to Love, Boris was out of the semifinal?

PETE SAMPRAS: I didn't know anything before I walked out which is really the best way to go out and play as well as I can and not worry about winning one set, or the circumstances because it is pretty -- a little bit confusing to figure out; just play someone who, again, he just beat me fair and square. He did it in Lyon. He did it here. Every time I got a sniff at maybe breaking him at Love-15, Love-30, he'd come up with a couple of big aces and his groundies are very big; moving well; plays me very tough.

Q. Against him, you seem to have some problems to read the serve and during his game generally speaking, is it true?

PETE SAMPRAS: His serve is -- it is not a huge serve. He is not hitting 120, but it is even more importantly, he is placing it extremely well. He mixes it up well. Seemed like I really didn't get a firm read on where it was going. And second serve, gave me a little trouble and he got it up pretty high to my backhand. The way he was hitting his groundies, especially his forehand when he is on, he is one of the best players I play. It is plain and simple. I felt like I hit the ball pretty well. I didn't feel like I played that bad. I just got a little bit careless in the third set and my first service game and the way he was serving he was tough to break.

Q. You were aware of course that Muster lost, so the No. 1 was sorted out?


Q. So what does that do for you three in a row, your No. 1 ranking?

PETE SAMPRAS: That is great. What can I say? End of the year ranking was the thing I was looking at for this year and I lost it and I, obviously, I put a lot of weight on the Majors; to end it three times in a row is, you know, what else can you do? You know, hopefully I can stay healthy next year and I can do it again. Certainly it is very possible. Just goes to show you, a little hard work and dedication and things worked out pretty well at the end. That was my goal when I came over to Europe was to try to finish this year as strong as possible and try to finish it No. 1 and I did that, so I am pretty pleased with that.

Q. Last guy to do it was Lendl. I guess it is a good feeling putting you in that kind of company?

PETE SAMPRAS: Yeah. I think only three other guys have done it. To be put in that same page is certainly something I will appreciate later on down when my career is over or whatever. Right now, I am just satisfied that it happened and certainly got a lot more tennis until this year is over; hopefully I can play well over the weekend, so I look back at this year and I feel real good about coming back from being pretty low and finishing strong.

Q. You didn't know what could happen with Becker, but you knew you were qualified anyhow --

PETE SAMPRAS: I didn't know. I didn't want to know. I mean, the best way I know is to go out and play. And play like it is like I have lost a match. That is the best way because if you go out and think I just need to win one set or it doesn't matter, you get a little careless, and just go out and play a normal match.

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