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June 29, 2017

Su Oh

Olympia Fields, Illinois

Q. How difficult was it out there?
SU OH: It was extremely difficult. I mean, it was windy from the very beginning. I got off to a really good start. I don't think I played bad the last nine holes. I actually think I played quite well. I made a great par on 14, which is really good. Par is a good score out there, so I think I made the most of my 7:40 tee time. But it was still pretty windy out there when I went out. A tough day in general.

Q. What does it mean for women's golf, Sahalee last year, and the field this week and major championship venue hosting a great championship like this?
SU OH: It's a great golf course. I've never been here but it's very historic. Just a really nice golf course. You've got to plot your way around. Usually the par 5s you can make birdie but not on a golf course like this. If you plug away and give yourself an opportunity for birdie -- but if you make par, it's still good.

Q. What was the key to your round?
SU OH: You know, I didn't hit the ball like really good but I hit -- I was able to hit the shots that I wanted. I curved the ball in like left-to-right, right-to-left wind. So I was able to, I think my ball-striking was actually pretty good today. I holed some good putts. I was putting a little bit the spots that I wanted to. Just some didn't go in the hole. It was just like on the last hole, it was just so quick down there, and I couldn't quite get myself to hit it, and then uphill, you're just trying to get yourself to hit the putt. But it's just kind of hard to get the speed of the greens.

Q. We were talking about the wind. How big a factor was it?
SU OH: Oh, massive. I mean, but we kind of anticipated it. Like it was going to be windy all week, Windy City. But it was just like this from the very beginning. Stayed patient out there. Par is a good score. If you give yourself enough opportunities to make birdie, you're going to try to pick some up, but if you make par, you're happy with that.

Q. What do you think of this place?
SU OH: Oh, I think it's amazing. Some great holes out there. Like if it's a shorter hole, then you really have to drive it in the right place, because if you're in the rough, you have no chance of stopping the ball on the green. I think it's knowing where to miss for the pin positions each day, is key. Really strategic, some really difficult par 5s. I think 6 is a really difficult par 5. It's not like a birdie opportunity -- well, not all par 5s are. It's just being patient and plot your way around the golf course.

Q. Is this your best start in a major, and what does it mean going forward for the rest of the week?
SU OH: Well, I was second group out, so the clubhouse lead, I don't know. Yeah, this is my best start for the majors, for any tournament. But like I kept telling myself, I have three more rounds to go. If I was in trouble, I have 54 more holes to make birdie. But I'm feeling good.

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