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June 29, 2017

Brittany Altomare

Olympia Fields, Illinois

Q. A tremendous 67, you went out in 32. What was clicking early for you?
BRITTANY ALTOMARE: My putter. I mean, it was really good last week, and it just kept going until today. I'm hitting the ball well but the putts fell today.

Q. Before we came online, you were glowing about the greens here at Olympia Fields.
BRITTANY ALTOMARE: You just hit the ball where you want it and it just goes where you're aiming, and you can't hit a bad putt.

Q. So you opened with a 67 here on a Thursday at a major championship. How do you continue that momentum the next day?
BRITTANY ALTOMARE: Well, I made a really good putt to save par on the last, and I'm hoping I'm just going to continue with the feeling that I had on the last hole making the putt.

Q. How would you characterize your round and the golf course?
BRITTANY ALTOMARE: This golf course is unbelievable. I mean, it's in incredible shape. The greens are just perfect. I think that I was putting really well last week and it carried into this round.

Q. Was putting a strong suit today?
BRITTANY ALTOMARE: Yeah, I mean, I did hit the ball well, which is nice, but I made the putts what I had to.

Q. What's it like seeing your name atop the board?
BRITTANY ALTOMARE: It's great. I mean, it's things that you dream of as a kid, and I'm excited to be here this week.

Like I said, I felt really good last week, and made some adjustments and we worked on a few things. Like I said, I was putting really well last week and I think it just all came together today.

Q. What are you working on?
BRITTANY ALTOMARE: Just staying centered in my swing. I got a little forward with my head on my downswing, so making sure my tempo and my rhythm was there.

Q. To be in the lead, have you been a leader in a tournament you've played?
BRITTANY ALTOMARE: Yeah, I won a few times in college and last we're on Symetra. It's definitely a different decision here, but I mean, it's nice to see that my hard work's paying off.

Q. What did you learn from playing the Symetra Tour that's helping you this week?
BRITTANY ALTOMARE: Well, I had never won as a professional at that point and I just think it gave me some confidence heading into the LPGA last year. I think I learned to stay patient and stay in the moment and not get so far ahead of myself.

Q. As a player, obviously it's a major championship here, tougher conditions. Do you like that?
BRITTANY ALTOMARE: For me I think I like the tougher condition s better. I'm a pretty straight driver of the golf ball and I think that helps. I would much rather see tougher conditions.

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