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June 29, 2017

Jaye Marie Green

Olympia Fields, Illinois

Q. How was it out there?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Tough. It was really windy all day. Definitely windy. Had to stay patient for sure.

Q. 3-putt at the last there, but other than that, it was a solid day.
JAYE MARIE GREEN: You're going to have your 3-putts out here. The greens are really tough. I like barely topped that, went six feet by and almost 3-putted. Those were my only two bogeys today were two 3-putts. I think I hit like 17 greens today, something like that.

Q. As good friends with Lexi, what's it like playing with her with what her mom is going through?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: It must be tough. I can't imagine if my mom was going through that. Her and her mom are so close, I know they talk every day, and I'm pretty sure her mom is coming out next week or something. It must be so tough for her. No one likes to see their mom go through that.

Q. Can you see examples of how close she is with her mom, just being around them?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Oh, yeah, they are like best friends. I feel like her mom would be the first person she would call about anything. I know they are very close and they talk about everything.

Q. Morgan helped out the family and got them in to see a specialist. Is that an example of the friendship and kinship among the players; they will help each other out?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Definitely, yeah, especially when someone is going through something like that. It wasn't like, hey, can I get a ride here. And for Morgan to do that, how involved she is with that and to get her in right away, it is really awesome. Morgan does great things.

Q. What's it like, this is real life, as real as it gets, when it really intrudes on -- it's not really the real world out here, sometimes, is it?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Yeah, it's hard, because we all deal with things off the course and it's hard to box it out to play your best golf, because you have to be selfish out here, and it's so hard because you go these weeks in a row, so focused, that there's so much other stuff that goes on than just golf. We all struggle with the same things; a lot of people do, and it's just hard to shut it off sometimes.

Q. For Lexi, her mother's illness comes on the heels of the really controversial and emotional thing that happened at ANA, that's a tough two things in a row, isn't it?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Yeah, but she is definitely the toughest, most strong-willed person I know. If there's someone who can win a major after that with what she's going through, I'd put my money on her.

Q. Going back to the playing today, how was the wind affecting you? Did it pick up throughout the round?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Oh, it was up 20 all day. I think I only got like two holes where it was only like 15. Yeah, that was like playable. It was really hard. Like I said, it's usually -- that's why I like majors, because you know no one is going to really go crazy low, and then with the wind like this, it helps you stay in the moment, which I have a hard time. I like to think of like what birdie holes are coming up. But out here, there's really not any, so you've really got to stay patient where you are. It is just really tough, and I think I kept the ball below the hole all day today, so that was huge. Having uphill putts all day made like a world of difference.

Q. Do you think you're maybe someone that the pressure actually kind of helps you?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Yeah, it's just more like, it's a patient golf course, and I have a patient sort of game. I don't like being 1-under par and feeling behind the 8-ball. Like some weeks, I'd be in like 80th being 1-under, and I don't think that's going to be the case today.

So it's nice to know you could like just chill and don't have to make birdies. Pars are good.

Q. So many tournament scoring records set already this year. Have you noticed a difference in how the courses are set up? Are they set up easier?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: No, everyone is just playing good honestly. Like girls are just coming out firing. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a low one. It's just hard -- if you're above the hole here, like I had a putt this far that was level and I barely touched it, and this is the hole, six feet by. I was like, I might 4-putt. I made a 6-footer save for bogey after that.

So it can really -- you have to pay attention the whole way around. Like even when you have a wedge in, and you have like a 15-footer swinger, like you've got to pay attention. It wears you out.

Q. At the majors, is that one of the big differences, with the greens, you can't be careless ever?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: Just the whole course, the rough is up and you've got to get the ball in the fairway and hit greens. It's hard. Only missing one green made a huge, it was a huge help today. I wish I didn't 3-putt the last hole but I know it's going happen. So I'm not going to get too mad about it.

Q. What's that putter you're using? It looks like a modern version of the one Nicklaus used?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: It's the Cure. It cured my putting.

Q. Did it take you awhile to get used to how big it is?
JAYE MARIE GREEN: I used it for like a year now. It did at first but start making putts, I don't really care.

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