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June 29, 2017

Chella Choi

Olympia Fields, Illinois

Q. What was the key to this round today?
CHELLA CHOI: I hit really good tee shots today. I had a lot of chance in the fairway. My putting is there today, so I made a lot of birdies.

Q. How do you like the golf course? Obviously you liked it shooting 66.
CHELLA CHOI: I like it. I played 5-under today. It's a major championship, and nobody knows this golf course. Everybody is in same position. So this is a major tournament, so I'm very excited for the tournament, and I played with Jiyai ^ so I'm very excited to play with Jiyai, too.

Q. How was the wind?
CHELLA CHOI: Maybe tomorrow rain is coming, right? Everybody in same position, so I'm not thinking too much.

Q. Are you excited to be leading, or after the first round, do you normally say, it's only early days?
CHELLA CHOI: Of course, very exciting because before the tournament, this is biggest big tournament, so I want to play well, and today played so well. I played just 18 holes before a tournament, so I don't remember every hole. But I ask my dad, every hole, every shot -- when my father tell me like advice, and my shot was very good today, so I hope the next three days, trying to follow my dad.

Q. Why did you only play one practice round?
CHELLA CHOI: Because when I came here Monday afternoon, so I can't play Monday. So I practice Tuesday morning, nine holes, and yesterday is nine holes. So everybody, same.

Q. So if you have a bad day, do you blame it on your father?
CHELLA CHOI: Of course. (Laughter). Sometimes, but my father missed a couple shots today, but it just happens because wind is every time switch. So it's very difficult for the caddie to work. But we have a very good match today.

Q. Did you have to back off any shots today because the wind was gusting or switching directions?
CHELLA CHOI: A lot of times, before a shot, I switch a lot my clubs. So everybody is same thing.

Q. Four birdies in your last six holes. What got you going late in the day?
CHELLA CHOI: Last six holes, I made a birdie, very good and my putting is well today. The line, it's perfect line and my stroke is perfect, so I get a lot of birdies.

Q. Talking about how great this golf course is, everyone coming off the golf course --
CHELLA CHOI: This golf course is in very, very good condition now, and every hole, right side and left side, both sides bunker, very tough. But my shot was very good today. Very hard golf course but today make a lot of birdies.

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