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June 29, 2017

Duffy Waldorf

Peabody, Massachusetts

Q. Take us through your round overall, a round of 65.
DUFFY WALDORF: My round? It was a very steady round. I hit a lot of fairways. I think I was only off one fairway in the short cut, which helped. I didn't get a hot putting round going. A little bit better on the back.

I just -- I started on the back side, two-putted for birdie on the par 5, and then made the turn and made the hole-in-one. That certainly sparked my play. I missed a couple putts, but I made a nice birdie on the par 5, No. 6, and then made my long putt of the day on No. 8. I made about a 35-footer, which was my highlight of the day, really.

Even the hole-in-one was pretty strong, but making that putt, I hadn't made a lot of putts. So it was really a solid round, tee to green. Hopefully tomorrow, I'll get the putter going.

Q. Talk about the hole in one on three.
DUFFY WALDORF: Kirk set it up with a good shot. Kirk had been playing well all day. It just was a really good number for me, a good, firm pitching wedge. I wasn't really trying to -- I was just trying to fly it right next to the hole and hopefully -- I wasn't trying to make a hole-in-one. I wasn't trying to play it past the hole and spin it back. I think it was a good number. The ball was online and took the one hop. Hopefully it hopped past the hole and spun back.

My vision is not that good, but the reaction is all I'm looking for, and I got it.

Q. A clean card today with a 65. Good position heading into round 2. What's your mindset?
DUFFY WALDORF: I'm hopefully going to hop aboard Kirk and ride the Kirk train. I did a little today. I was kind of behind for a while, then back side got things going, and we both made a couple eagles. So that was exciting.

Hopefully can do the same thing tomorrow. It will be a different course tomorrow. We'll see. I think the conditions were pretty good today, and we'll see if they're good tomorrow. Maybe it will be good for scoring, get another good round in there.

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