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June 28, 2017

Ian Poulter

Paris, France

Q. What a year you've had. Tell us about your emotions and what it's like to come back to France at the moment.
IAN POULTER: Yeah, it's been a funny three months. The last couple months has certainly been more enjoyable than the first few months of the season, playing to try and secure a spot, to try and maintain a card on the PGA TOUR. You know the story: Obviously calculation points was wrong, turned out I had kept the card. And went on in The Players Championship to have a great finish, finished second.

Kind of eased the summer schedule to come back to Europe with the family, and that's what I've enjoyed over the last few weeks. Spent a good couple of weeks back home resting, preparing, obviously to come into the series of events right here, which is quite important.

This week is a week where I've performed very well in the France. I've had some great finishes in France, and hopefully we can have another one this week.

Q. You're 81st in the rankings this week. Top-50, something you're targeting, and going into the next six to eight weeks with the majors and Rolex Series, what have you got your sights on?
IAN POULTER: I've got my sights on playing some really good golf over the next number of weeks. It's potentially a very long schedule I have in the summer, and that's why I've taken a couple of weeks off.

If I can play the way I'd like to play in the next three events in Europe, obviously French Open, Irish Open, The Scottish Open, somehow make my way obviously into The Open Championship, that's four in a row. I'm playing the Canadian Open, that's five. If I play and bring myself into the Top-50 in the world, WGC is the week after and US PGA.

So I'm coming here this week, I've got to manage, obviously, how I prepare. Don't go too crazy on the practice. Just when I'm ready to go, play well, rest up and hopefully I can go on a long run through the summer, win a couple of tournaments and move up in the rankings.

Q. What are your thoughts on the last four holes on the course?
IAN POULTER: They are a good test of golf. The last four holes, obviously 15, 16, water is in play. You get a breather from the water on 17 with a long par 4 uphill, slight dog-leg right-to-left. There's no bunkers on the hole but it's a very, very tough long par 4.

And then obviously you have a bit of everything on the last, bunkers down the right, a small-ish fairway. You have a little water hazard to the left and obviously kind of a semi-island green there to finish. It's a very good test. You need to hit your numbers and you'll need to play well to win this week.

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