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June 26, 2017

Draymond Green

New York, New York

Q. If you could make an opening comment about this honor this evening?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Yeah, I'm thankful to win this award. It's an amazing thing. There's been a lot of greats that have hoisted this trophy, and to be added to that list, it's special. Thankful for my teammates for always having my back on the defensive end. It's not just one guy who goes out there and does this. For our defense to be as good as it is, no matter what I do out there, it wouldn't matter, and that takes 14 other guys who are dedicated and committed to the process.

So I thank them and you know, all the coaches I've had along the way, to stress how important defense was, I'm thankful for that. It's an honor and a privilege to be standing up here.

Q. You said that at the beginning of the season that this award was very important to you. How does it feel like to accomplish another goal? Of course you just won a title.
DRAYMOND GREEN: It's amazing. You know, when you set goals, I think a lot of times in life, I've done it before, people set goals and it seems like you never reach them. But when you do reach some of those goals that you set, it's an incredible feeling, you know, because you've accomplished something that you've set out to do. And so having been right there for the last two years and coming up a little short, you know, it's precious to finally win this award, and like I said, just to be mentioned in the category with some greats.

Q. How special is this for you to get this award, being on a team that's so often talked about its offense?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I mean, it's very special, because one thing about our team, offense will always be talked about. You know, that's just the way the game is. You know, people want to see you score. But we understand how important it is to -- if you're going to win a championship -- how important it is to defend.

And so I think that's the great thing about our team. Yeah, our offense is great, but our defense is just as great. So, like I said, to be rewarded with this, knowing how serious we take the defensive end, especially.

Q. You came a long way from being drafted 35th overall to winning your first title to now joining a pretty exclusive class of players to win both a title and defensive player of the year in the same year. What would you tell players who were overlooked in the Draft?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Just continue to work, and then after that, it don't matter anymore. It's about getting out there and putting the work in and becoming whoever it is that you think you want to become. For me, just being overlooked, I've always had a chip over my shoulder my entire life: Being overlooked constantly, being overlooked in the NBA Draft, it's more fuel. So use that as fuel and go after what you want.

They will tell you what you can't do. They will try to pigeon hole you into certain roles. Go work on your game and become what you think and you believe you want to be.

Q. What does this whole year mean to you? You've kind of accomplished every single dream you've been having. Like you got a Gold Medal, and you got a championship and now you're Defensive Player of the Year, and also you've become a father. So what does this whole thing mean to you?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I mean, it's been a special year for me. Like you said, becoming a father, that was at the tail end of 2016, but it's all right there. Just this entire year, winning a championship is special. To accomplish that and to be Defensive Player of the Year and an All-Star, all these great things, it's great. I'm appreciative of those things.

But also keeps things into perspective for me. All these things are great, but in order to stay there, you've got to continue to work. So just also appreciate the entire process of it.

Q. Did you have a chance to talk to [Kevin] Garnett or Bill Russell about defense at all while you were back there?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I talked to KG a little bit. I didn't get to see Bill Russell. You know, just telling me how I deserved it and how I worked so hard to get to this point. You appreciate it from KG, one of the best power forwards to ever play this game. You talk about intensity and focus and being out there at all times, he's on top of that list, to hear those words from a guy like that.

Q. I was just curious, if you noticed Bob [Myers] got some credit and won Executive of the Year.
DRAYMOND GREEN: I did. I did notice that. It's about time he got credit. I think he's the best GM in the league. You know, every year he gets it done, you know, year-in and year-out. And to see him get what he deserves, I'm just happy for him.

Q. Before tonight started, I was kind of asking a lot of different people, who was the tougher person to score on, you, Kawhi [Leonard] or Rudy [Gobert], and no one could kind of answer it. How does it feel to have won this award knowing that the two guys you beat out are All-World defenders as well?
DRAYMOND GREEN: To beat out those guys, Kawhi winning twice, and Rudy I'm sure some point in his career is going to take home this award.

It's great. It's something that I could have never even forecast this happening, you know, coming out of college, being Defensive Player of the Year. You know, just see the way I go, knowing all the hard work I've put in is paying off. It's a special thing.

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